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The appearance of the system is only one element when choosing aluminium windows and doors for a project. The installation, delivery and the resources the company has, is all as equally important. There are a few areas to check prior to placing your order:

                Who will be installing the products?

                How many installers does Sieger® have?

                What are the logistic facilities?

                How many vehicles do Sieger® have?

                What are Sieger’s warehousing facilities?

                How will the glazing be installed?

Does the company use glass handling equipment in accordance with Health and Safety regulations?

These quotations are highly important and will have a great impact on the efficiency and smooth-running of your project.

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You will need to find out what personal resources the company has. It is important to consider who you will be working with on your project.

                What design resources does Sieger® have that will be available to you?

                Who will be your contact during the project?

                Who will be managing your project?

                What about a site survey?

                Does Sieger® have a dedicated surveying team?

                Does Sieger® have in-house mastic/ silicone applicators or do they subcontract?

Aluminium windows and doors are highly specialist products and the correct resources must be dedicated to a project to ensure a good outcome. A lot of glazing companies will use general fixers to complete technical elements of a project, such as a survey.

You should get a good idea of the resources your chosen company dedicates to the site and installation process.

What products look like in photos can be vastly different to what turns up on site. Make sure you view any products before you buy them. Even if you have to travel to the showroom, the time you invest in making sure it is the right product for you will far outweigh the cost of getting it wrong.

Have you visited the Sieger® showroom and physically seen the products that you are buying?

Have you seen examples of the colour options?

Are the viewed products assembled and working?


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