How To Pick the Right Design from Sieger’s Wide Range

The entrance door of a building is the first thing that many see and are often viewable from the street or passing roads. It is therefore important that the aluminium entrance door of a building is chosen in consideration with the building’s design and the surrounding environment.

Aluminium Entrance Doors are widely considered to be superior to alternative material options. Aluminium front doors can be designed to capture the more traditional appearance of timber doors but have enhanced performance in security, insulation and durability.

The right aluminium front door for each design will depend on the design of the building, the location of the building and the surrounding environment or architecture.

Our range of aluminium entrance doors range from traditional (the Grosvenor Range) to contemporary (the Contemporary Range). All the entrance door designs all have unique qualities and come in a variety of specialist finishes to suit a range of requirements.

For a Contemporary Design



The Contemporary Range of Sieger Entrance Doors are all designed with straight lines, square glass cut outs and minimalist ironmongery.

Available in a wide range of colour finishes – including modern matt PPC colours or textured metallic finishes – these doors work very well on modern building designs.

With maximum sizes up to 2.4m tall and maximum widths at 1.2m, architects and designers can use these modern door designs to push the boundaries. If a larger entrance area is required to be filled the aluminium door can be integrated into a larger glass façade or can be designed with glass side panels or over lights.

The Sieger Entrance doors are ‘structurally bonded’ which means the aluminium door design is bonded to an A+ thermal core. This minimises sightlines and visual interruptions on the door face which you would get with a cheaper ‘inset’ or ‘panelled’ aluminium door design. In addition, as the hinges on all the Sieger Entrance Doors are hidden this further helps the ‘modern’ design by minimising visible ironmongery.

For a Traditional Door Design


Not all properties would suit a very modern entrance door design. Sometimes this is dictated by the buildings’ architecture or sometimes it is dictated by the conversation or planning rules of the surrounding area.

Either way, it is still possible to create a more traditional door design whilst maintaining all the advantages that an aluminium door will provide.

The Grosvenor Door Range from Sieger has been designed with those luxury London townhouse houses in mind. Each door design incudes bevelled decorative door panels with glass inserts in a range of styles or sizes.

With a wide choice of door finishes possible, you can opt for a coloured door or more muted metallic or grey finish, whichever works best with the building design.

To compliment this more traditional range of aluminium entrance doors we also have a range of Classic ironmongery which includes door knockers and knobs instead of a more contemporary pull handle system.

For a more traditional look, the Heritage Ironmongery range could work well with their textured metallic finishes and blackened shades, they pay homage to historical buildings.

For a Cottage-Style Door Design



Rural properties and cottages have their own charm and design characteristics. As such Sieger have developed a range of entrance doors that suit these countryside properties. The Rural Door Range from Sieger mirrors the quirky classic style of countryside cottages. Each door design has a minimal, yet characterful design moulded into the aluminium face.

You could also opt for a small vision panel in the door in a square, diamond or rectangular shape.

The Rural Range of entrance doors works well with any of the ironmongery families, including the contemporary or classic range. The doors are available in the full range of finishes which include the bright vibrant finishes in our Bright colour range.

Advantages of an Aluminium Entrance Door


Choosing an entrance door made from aluminium means you benefit from a low maintenance exterior finish to the front door. Aluminium is notorious for being easy to clean and look after. This means aluminium has an advantage over materials such as timber.

With an integrated thermal core, the aluminium front doors from Sieger also have the advantage of impressive thermal performance. We typically expect Uw values of 1.3 W/m2K using glass with Ug values of 0.9-1.1 W/m2K.

Even if you do opt for a more traditional design to the door, you still benefit from the modern security aspects of the aluminium Sieger door. All locking mechanisms are stainless steel and each integrated locking cylinder is an ISEO R7 cylinder with anti-pumping technology and 10-point locking. All keys are laser cut with a bespoke cross grove structure.

Thanks to the completely sealed and structurally bonded door construction all hinges and locking instruments are completely protected which is part of what allows these doors to achieve the impressive PAS 24 security standard.

What Next?



If you are interested in specifying an aluminium entrance door for your development or building project just contact the team at Sieger. We will be able to advise on the technical aspects of our products or pass your enquiry onto one of our trusted partners for a cost of supplying and installation.

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