Locations for Bifold Doors

Bifold doors were historically used in kitchens, as patio doors or as part of an extension, but internal glass doors have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can be a great way to introduce a path of natural light into living spaces. The Sieger bifold doors are designed to be external doors, which means they boast high levels of energy efficiency. All models are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and are totally secure, so you can be sure of the quality regardless of the chosen location.

Seamlessly blending the gap between interior and exterior living is something Sieger have a proven track record of doing, equally those expertise can be used to create the perfect bifolding door solutions for blending a kitchen and dining area if the project wanted internal doors like this one.

This advice article will provide basic knowledge of bifold door options and outline the things to remember when incorporating our doors into a project.






Patio Doors

Kitchen doors are usually external doors facing out towards a garden or view, this draws the eye and can create the illusion of an open plan, spacious area even in smaller kitchens. Sliding or French doors are also frequently used options in kitchens yet bifolding doors offer a more modern style and unrivalled space efficiency. Unlike sliding or French doors, a bifolding door has the advantage of leaving a completely open aperture when the doors are folded to one side.

Things to remember with kitchen doors that are bifolding:

  • To optimise the amount of natural light you invite in, favour styles that have large amounts of glass and slim sightlines. The Sieger Lux Bifold, being the slimmest bifold in the world, can offer sightlines of just 30mm.
  • Sieger produce doors in a variety of colours as well as styles, meaning you can match your doors with your existing or planned kitchen interior.


      Bifold Patio Doors

      Bifold doors in patios are often used to update existing doors and refresh a patio area. This can bring a whole new look to a patio as bifolding doors offer the advantage of being able to integrate both inside and outside.

      The lack of maintenance associated with aluminium doors alongside the high energy efficiency levels of glass make these optimum materials for keeping the cold out in the colder months. This is key for patio doors to ensure the temperature throughout the room is comfortable all year round.

      Things to remember for bifold patio doors:



        Extension Doors


        The doors are often a focal point for a new extension design, bifolding doors can make a statement and bring a modern décor theme to any extension type. Using doors to merge the old with the new when planning an extension is best achieved with aluminium as it is so versatile, blending brick work with glass for a seamless finish.

        Things to remember in bifold extension doors:

            • Be sure to consider the size of the entire extension when choosing bifolding doors as this is the biggest decider in how many panels the space can withstand.
            • To achieve a minimally obstructed view you need a space big enough for larger glass panes to let the natural light flow through. The windows and doors will play a big part in how big the space feels and looks as well as the physical size, the amount of glass in the design will determine the aesthetic of the extension.
            • Often when the floor space is limited for an extension, opting for floor to ceiling glass doors gives a more luxury feel.



        Interior Doors


        With ‘broken plan’ living becoming such a trend in 2020 architecture, it’s no surprise the Sieger bifolding doors are amongst those most popular for internal use. Broken plan is not dissimilar to open plan but adds the option of dividing space when required.

        Using bifolding doors inside as room partitions is an ultra modern way of achieving this, granting privacy whilst allowing natural light to pass freely. In addition to adding a modern touch, a window on one side of a living space paired with a bifolding glass divider would allow the light from the window to stretch across the entirety of the space.

        Things to remember with interior bifolds:

        • You won’t need to consider the weather conditions when deciding on the glazing, this can be more of an aesthetic decision and could bring the costs down compared to exterior doors. Although you may decide on a lower glazing option, aluminium is a great conductor of heat so the home temperature would not be affected by the introduction of metal.
        • Industrial style partitions can be used in conjunction with an existing art-deco theme.
        • Alternatively, using the slimmest sightlines in a large open space can bring a fresh dynamic to existing living spaces.


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