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Aluminium Windows and Doors to Modern House Build

This luxury villa situated in a remote part of sunny Cyprus underwent a dramatic makeover with the aim of improving the connection between indoors and outdoors.

The use of curved glass made the exterior of this building unique, as well as increasing the usable space on the inside and maximising the amount of natural daylight flowing through the open plan layout.

Sieger slim casement windows have been installed for added light and ventilation to the parts of the building that would not benefit from sliding doors e.g. the upstairs landing. This way the window systems are powder coated in the same colour as the doors, creating a consistent, clear design finish.

The windows, situated close to the top of the atrium, create paths of natural light. To enhance the amount of natural light further, large curved windows were installed on ground level too. These large curved glass panes meant the stairwell and hallway, commonly forgotten areas of a home, were bright and inviting.

One of the main features is a double height circular atrium, this structure was enhanced with the use of curved glass windows. The window and door systems were powder coated in a cream colour, granting a nod to the original building structure which is set in a pale stone whilst creating a cohesive design finish.


Project Features

The property is comprised of a massive paved area to the rear, housing an outdoor kitchen and swimming pool

With such an expansive outdoor area, easy access to this area from all aspects of the house was imperative. To maximise the panoramic sea views, minimally framed sliding doors were installed in multiple locations, creating a strong bond with the natural environment.

The shape of the home curved round to encompass the pool area, with each side of the building now having the appearance of floor to ceiling glass and the ability to create completely open apertures. The added ventilation sliding doors bring in warm weather enhances the liveable space as it can help to create a breeze.

The ability to slide the doors with ease and reveal an open passage, from any area of the home, forges a strong bond with the outdoor environment. With such beautiful settings, indoor outdoor living was the only choice for this aesthetic.

Inside, the main dining area is next to another glazed opening by Sieger. This dining room, separated from the main house by a large fixed pane of glass, sits next to a large Sieger Lux bifolding door system. The four pane bifold is floor to ceiling for maximum impact, and with slim sightlines of just 30mm, the system provides uninterrupted views and slides effortlessly to one side when desired, creating an outdoor dining area with shelter.

The functionality of the property has been greatly increased with the installation of all aluminium window and door systems, meaning every aspect can be seamlessly connected with the outdoors.


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