How to Choose the Right Slim Sliding Doors

Slim sliding glass doors are extremely versatile glazing systems that are suited to a range of locations and can be used as patio doors, balcony doors and roof terraces.

These minimal glazing solutions are also suited to a wide range of property styles thanks to the flexibility in design. Glazing bars can be specified for an industrial style aesthetic and there is a range of configurations available.

Ideal for contemporary homes, new builds and traditional-style buildings, the large clear glass panes and slim frames seek to enhance architectural and interior design elements.

When it comes to choosing the right minimal sliding doors systems, sightlines are not the only thing that should be taken into account. All framing details, as well as performance levels, should be taking into consideration when choosing the right system for your project.

This article will go through what to consider when choosing the perfect slim sliding doors and what to watch out for.

sieger XL oversized sliding glass doors leading out to and external balcony area

Framing Details

For sliding door systems, a minimal sightline may be the first thing that captures your attention. This ultra slim vertical frame in between the glass panes means that views of the outdoors are unobstructed and natural light can flow freely into the internal living spaces.

However, it is important to look at all framing details, you don’t want ultra slim sightlines if the side or base profiles are significantly larger. If there is thicker framing around the rest of the sliding door system this can cause the ‘slim’ sliding doors to look chunky and out of place.

At Sieger our slim sliding door systems do exactly as they say, offering minimal framing across the board. The Sieger slim sliding doors have a sightline of just 20mm with a fixed side profile of 42mm and trickle vents are available at the head with just a 38mm profile.

Even our XL sliding door system which can reach impressive sizes of up to 4m tall or 4m wide still has ultra slim sightlines of just 25mm and a fixed side profile of 57mm.

The building finishes can be brought over the fixed frames of Sieger sliding doors to create an ultra-minimal system where the glass is the main feature.

Some competitors may be able to match our slim sightlines, but the rest of the system rarely matches the minimal aesthetic.

three pane slim sliding door with minimal aluminium framing and flush thresholds
minimally framed aluminium two pane sliding door with ultra slim sightlines offering a clear uninterrupted view of the outdoors

Performance Levels

The overall look of the system is extremely important when it comes to choosing a slim sliding glass door, however this shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on performance. Security, thermal performance and weather protection should be considered carefully.

Both the Sieger Slim Sliding and Slim XL Sliding Doors have full weather testing including air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance, showing that you don’t need to compromise on performance to have a stunningly minimal sliding glass door.

Sieger slim sliding glass door systems use integrated locking that is concealed within the frame for a sleek and minimal finish. With our systems, no obstructive lock box is necessary.

There are many factors that can affect the thermal performance of an external door system such as the glass specification, frame material and whether a thermal break is used within the metal frame.

We use fully thermally broken aluminium framing for all our sliding door systems to prevent heat from escaping the home.

All of Sieger’s external glazing systems come with a low e coating and argon gas cavity as standard. This helps to ensure high performance levels that maintain a comfortable living temperature in internal living spaces all year round.

Our Sieger Slim Sliding Door can reach Uw values as low as 1.3 W/m2K and the XL Sliding Door can reach Uw values of 0.9 W/m2K. Some glaziers may attempt to quote the U value of the glass as the overall Uw value, as the glass itself has the best thermal performance.

For more information on thermal performance ratings and how to ensure you are getting what you pay for, check out our technical advice article.

Other Factors

Handle options are another factor that can affect the overall look of slim sliding door systems. Sieger provides a flush handle option for our slim sliding door systems and even the standard handle follows an ultra-minimal design, only slightly protruding from the frame and not increasing the width.

A huge advantage of having sliding doors with sleek and minimal framing is the bond that it builds between the internal living space and the outdoor environment. The views the system provides, as well as the influx of light it allows, helps to forge a strong connection with nature.

When the sliding glass doors are open, the ability to completely merge the internal and external spaces to create one large indoor-outdoor living area is something sought by many homeowners.

Our external glass door systems have the option of a flush threshold which allows for a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces.


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corner opening slim sliding glass doors on a contemporary home extension in Buckinghamshire

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