Locking Options for Sieger Glazing Systems

Locking options for external glazing systems can vary depending on the types of system, location and most importantly, what the client wants.

The most common for doors is a lever/lever handle with a euro cylinder keylock. This locking mechanism operates a lock case which is either encased in a lockbox or integrated into the frame of the glazing system.

The lock with active multiple locking points, how many depends on the system. Different glass door systems will have different numbers of locking points with 3 or 4 being the most common.

At Sieger flexibility is key, some systems require a lock and some don’t, but ultimately it is down to what the client wants. We like to give our customers options so the glazing systems can be designed bespoke to fit any requirements or desires.

euro cylinder key lock used by sieger as a lock for external aluminium framed doors

Locking options for doors


Bifold doors

The locking solutions for an aluminium bifold door system will depend on the opening configuration you have.

In most installations, a pass door is integrated which is operated by a lever/lever handle for the most secure solution. This lever/lever handle can come with or without an integrated euro cylinder key lock.

Then at the hinge point of each bifold pair, you typically have a shoot bolt latch to secure the panes in place. This latch is only accessible from the inside.

On Sieger’s 120 Bifold Door and Legacy Bifold Door systems the bifold leaf catch is operated by an internal turning handle combined with a pull handle to assist in pulling the doors into place.

The Sieger Lux Bifold and Super Lux also include a bifold leaf catch that offers an easy solution for locking the bifold panes into place. This bifold shoot bolt has a slightly different handle design to maintain the minimalistic design of this system.

Most aluminium bifold door systems have up to 3 point locking depending on the height of the door. For more information head to our products pages where you can find product data sheets with the systems technical details.


Sliding doors

With the standard handle, both the Sieger Slim Sliding and XL Sliding Doors use a euro cylinder key lock mechanism with four-point locking which can be operated from inside and out.

For the Slim Sliding Door, if a flush handle is desired key locking is not possible, however, the Sieger XL Sliding Door can have a flush handle design with or without a key lock.

The Sieger 45 Sliding Doors comes with a D handle that has an integrated euro cylinder key lock as well as a thumb latch.

Sieger aluminium three pane bifold door and Sieger three pane slim sliding glass door with aluminium frame - both in a modern kitchen extension
schuco aluminium casement door and Invisio structural glazing including glass roof with a lever handle and euro cylinder key lock

Locking options for doors continued

Casement Doors

Sieger’s Legacy Casement Door has five handle options to choose from. These are all lever handles with euro cylinder key locks integrated. Due to the very slim aluminium framing of the steel look system, the key and handle have to be mounted on a lockbox. This can either be the full height of the door, or id applied glazing bars have been used can be the same height as the pane it is attached to.

Schuco Casement Door’s locking mechanism is simple but effective, as is the rest of the system’s design. A euro profile lock is used that can be operated with a key on both sides.


Pivot Doors

The Sieger Lux Pivot Doors uses integrated 3 point locking that is operated by a lever handle with a euro cylinder key lock.

Although internal glazing usually does not require any type of locking mechanism, at Sieger we like to give our customers options to suit any design requirements

It is because of this that we offer a lever handle with the option of including a euro cylinder key lock for our MIRO Pivot internal glass door.

Locking options for entrance doors

The Sieger Entrance Doors are designed with security at the forefront. All entrance doors are fully certified for PAS 24:2016, Enhanced Security Performance for Doors.

The integrated lock works on a 10 point locking system with escutcheon plates. The cylinder is drill proof and anti-bump as standard and all pins and moving parts are made from hardened stainless steel.

Keys are created with a laser-cut profile system that prevents unauthorised unlocking and access. This means that only the correct keys can align with the 10-point spring-loaded pins within the locking box.

The locking box is completely encased in the door sash, creating a highly secure locking mechanism that cannot be accessed.

All hinges are covered with hidden hinge protectors to provide a robust and secure system. The face of the lock sits flush with the edge of the door sash. In the external frame the locking point is flush which creates a more elegant finish.

Sieger contemporary aluminium entrance door with 10 point ultra secure lock
top hung aluminium casement windows with glazing bars for an industrial style design

Locking options for windows

Aluminium windows are covered by slightly different security requirements than doors.

Windows are only ever locked and secured from inside and therefore the handles are only visible from the internal. The requirement for removable key locks will depend on your project type.

Most windows operate an espagnolette locking system with optional removable keys in the handles themselves. The option of a key adds security as it stops the window from being able to be opened from the inside unless the key is there.

For Sieger Slim, Legacy and HD Casement Windows all operate a standard handle design with optional keys, however there are a range of options and handle designs that don’t include a key so there will be a handle to suit any project.

The Sieger 70 TT Window is designed to be as minimal as possible with the operating handle hidden in the frame. The hidden mechanisms on this large tilt and turn window to enhance the modernity of the building envelope.

Window restrictors

As well as locking mechanisms, windows restrictors are a factor to consider when thinking about the security of your glazing.

They are a requirement on many windows located on the first floor and above. They minimise how far the window can open to offer additional safety to these opening windows.

Some people may wish to have window restrictors on their ground floor windows as well, allowing the window to be open slightly for ventilation without creating and entry point for intruders.

Ultimately it is best to get in touch with a member of the team who can discuss your project in more depth, discuss the options that are best suited to each individual project and answer any questions.


Overall it’s important to ensure that whoever you buy your glazing form supplies systems that have safe and effective locks to keep the home safe.

Our technical team are on hand to ensure you choose the right glazing for your project.

Call 01494 722 882 or email [email protected]


All information is correct at the time of publishing (March 2021).

sieger aluminium casement windows and slim sliding glass doors on luxury four storey new build home

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