Make a Statement About Your Home with Glazing

When it comes to designing your home, whether it’s a new build, extension or renovation, choosing the right glazing is essential.

Glazing can change the overall look of the exterior design, as well as the internal spaces and interior design. Glazing can be utilised to maximise natural light and create a strong bond with the outdoors, both of which have many benefits for a home and its occupants.

Sieger’s glazing systems can also be designed in a way to make it stand out, creating a striking design feature to make a statement.

This can be done through the use of oversized glazing, decorative interlayers, unique frame finishes and bespoke glazing bar designs. This guide will enable you to specify your glazing systems in such a way that they reflect the desired aesthetic, whilst meeting specific project requirements.

The starting point for specifying statement glazing is what you want the glazing to achieve. Do you want the glazing to help the inside of your home appear bigger? Or to give the home an industrial aesthetic? Or maybe just to stand out against other homes in the area.

Either way, Sieger have a glazing system that can achieve this.

mount house oversized glazing with large gable end window used to make a statement in this home renovation

Oversized Glazing

Oversized anything is an easy way to make a statement, whether this is in glazing, art or furnishings. Using oversized glazing systems, such as our Sieger XL Sliding Door which can reach 4m tall, can make a statement in multiple ways.

The huge influx of natural light will help the interior spaces to appear bigger and using large glazing elevations can help the home to stand out against others, especially when it comes to homes in congested areas such as London townhouses.


Glass To Glass Corners

Incorporating a glass to glass corner within a home, whether this is structural glass or opening corner sliding or bifolding doors, creates a stunning design especially when viewed from outside the home.

Glass corners can completely open up an internal living space and help to really maximise natural light as the light is able to flow into the home freely throughout the day as the sun makes its way across the sky.

oversized glazing used to make a statement in the home
pivot door and fixed sidelights used to create a striking entrance that makes a statement

Glass Walls

Another way to make a statement using slim framed aluminium glazing systems is to create an entire wall of glass in your home. This can be done using floor to ceiling sliding doors or bifolding doors or even tall casement doors with fixed sidelights.

From both inside and outside the home, this creates an ultra-modern design and is something not often seen in the everyday home.


Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are favoured by many homeowners thanks to the equal design of the framing that surrounds the glass pane. When open, the door reveals its innovative pivoting mechanism, leaving guests envying your home.

These unique pivoting door systems can reach staggering sizes, with the Sieger Lux Pivot Door being able to reach heights of 5m and widths of 1.6m.  This door looks extremely impressive and is uncommon in most homes, although these types of systems have grown in popularity over recent years.

Glazing Bars

Glazing bars are an excellent way to make a statement with your glazing. They can be used to give an industrial edge to a property or to add an elegant touch to a timeless architectural style.

Our Sieger Legacy Range has a variety of steel-look aluminium framed glazing systems including windows, doors and rooflights.

Striking glass facades can be incorporated into a home design and many architects and homeowners favour these on the rear of the property.

As the glazing bars on most of our system are applied, it gives us much more flexibility with the glazing bar design. We are not limited to the standard horizontal or vertical bars but can in fact manufacture systems with bespoke designs including diagonal bars.


Unique Frame Finishes

The slim aluminium frames of our high-quality glazing systems can be finished with a polyester powder coating in any RAL colour, as well as other frame finishing options.

Dark, bold frames or a bright unusually coloured coating can be used to make the glazing contrast and stand out against the rest of the home.

glazing bars used to give an industrial
internal glazing with glazing bars used to make a statement in the home

Internal glazing

Incorporating internal glazing into a home comes with many benefits. It allows light to flow through, reaching parts of the home which were previously dark and dull.

When it comes to making a statement within the home, one unique glazing solution is incorporating a walk on floorlight into one of the rooms. This allows lights and views to pass through between floors.

This is a unique design feature in the home and would not be missed by visitors, standing out against the rest of the internal flooring.

Another statement would be to use a frameless glass balustrade by the stairs or on a mezzanine floor level, instead of standard wooden or metal bannister railings. This minimalist internal glazing solution tells people that your interior has been designed so carefully and specifically that you don’t want anything to distract from it.

Our MIRO internal glass door range can be specified with unique glazing bar designs and the aluminium frames can be finished with a PPC in any RAL colour or with special finishes such as anodising.

These internal glass doors can be manufactured as a statement glazing solution that stands out in your home.

Decorative Glazing

One of the easiest ways to turn your glazing into a statement piece is through the use of decorative glazing. This could be in the form of a coloured interlayer, some type of fabric or printed interlayer or by using a truly unique glazing solution such as kiln-formed glass.

Decorative glazing is most commonly seen in internal glazing systems, including internal glass doors, walk on floorlights and internal glass balustrades. All of these systems from Sieger can be specified with decorative interlayers.

We have worked on projects that utilised our glazing systems in place of decorative furnishings within the home by making the pane brightly coloured or manufacturing glazing with fabric and print interlayers which turns glazing into a design feature on its own.

Decorative interlayers can also be applied to external glazing systems, although this is far less common.


For more information on our wide range of aluminium glazing systems and how to design them as statement glazing solutions, contact the team at Sieger today.

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decorative glazing with kiln formed glass sued to make a statement glazing piece

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