Modern Holiday Villa Designs

When designing your perfect holiday villa there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. Location, architectural style, interior design and glazing are all vital elements that can make or break the villa.

With such a variety of ways to design a stunning modern holiday villa it can be quite daunting, however, every villa can benefit from three things: natural light, adequate ventilation and uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Natural light can help to make spaces feel and look bigger, it can highlight luxury interior design styles and has both mental and physical benefits for the villa’s occupants.

For luxury holiday villas, a major part of the design is ventilation. Whether it’s a modern villa in Spain or a classic villa in the South of France, preventing overheating in the warmer months is vital.

For modern luxury villas choosing a scenic location is often at the forefront of the design. Whether it’s right on the beach, up in the mountains or tucked away in a forest you want to be able to make the most of these scenic views at all times.

Choosing the right glazing has a significant impact on these vital considerations involved in designing breathtaking villas.

open corner sieger slim sliding glass doors in a luxury Greek villa

Interior Design

The interior of luxury holidays villas differ greatly, depending on location and the clients desired aesthetic. Many people want a space they can sit back and relax in, a place that acts as an escape from everyday life.

When the internal space of a villa has been carefully designed with each piece of furniture and décor carefully curated, natural light can highlight and complement this.

Some high-end paintings and décor pieces were designed with them being viewed in natural light, making it a vital part of any luxury home. Below are some examples of popular interior design styles for modern holiday villas.


Biophilic Design

This interior design style revolves around mimicking nature through the use of natural light, using natural building materials such as wood or stone and overall forging a strong connection with the outdoors.

Many modern villa designs utilise glazing solutions such as corner opening sliding glass doors or large glass facades to allow in a vast amount of natural light whilst providing uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Choosing the right glazing and frame style can create a live piece of artwork. Our slim aluminium framing with large glass panes capture the nature beyond the system, transforming scenic mountain or sea views into a framed piece of nature.



This minimalistic interior design style uses light and neutral colour schemes, it often seeks to maximize natural light within the space. The ultra slim frames and minimalistic design of Sieger’s glazing systems allow them to work in harmony with the minimalistic design of these homes.

Using light minimalistic room designs helps to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for a holiday villa.

open corner slim sliding door on a cliffside holiday villa in Greece
luxury holiday villa with Sieger slim sliding aluminium doors and a large pool

External Building Finishes


Cycladic Architecture

This architecture style is most often seen in Greek villas and defining characteristics of the style include white cuboid building structures and an abundance of windows and doors to ensure the internal temperature remains comfortable all year round.

Buildings in warmer countries often have a white building structure and white internal walls, due to the fact that white walls gain up to 35% less heat than black walls. As white reflects heat and keeping the home cool is vital for the high temperatures, it is an ideal choice for luxury holidays villa designs.


Biophilic Design

This design style isn’t only for internal living spaces, it can also be applied to the exterior of a property. This is mainly achieved through use of stone exteriors, wooden cladding and large glazing elevations.



For villas in usual locations such as the mountains, forest, or jungle, they must be built in new and innovative ways and utilise modern advances in architecture and building materials. This includes highly engineered, fully thermally broken glazing systems from Sieger.


Location is a vital factor when designing your perfect holiday villa. Whether it’s in a warm or cold country can determine whether you need double or triple glazing, and the countries building regulations need to be taken into consideration.


Beachside villas

With holiday villas by the sea, making the most of the coastal views is extremely important. Utilising glazing solutions to create glass walls and facades can offer panoramic, uninterrupted views whilst giving the exterior a luxurious aesthetic.

For villas in a marine environment, which is classed as within a 5 mile radius of the sea or a body of water, we recommend pre-anodising the aluminium frames on our glazing systems before the polyester powder coating (PPC) is applied. Sieger use marine-grade PPC as standard to ensure all of our systems have maximum protection and live a long and dutiful life.


Villas in the mountains

Staying in a villa located up in the cliffs or on a mountain side can offer feelings of serenity, being away from the busy world where you have space to relax and breathe.

Two elements that can significantly improve this is natural light and scenic views, both of which can be achieved using Sieger’s slim framed aluminium glazing systems.


Villas in the countryside

Similarly to villas in the mountains high up above, these villas tend to be far away from bustling streets and large crowds. Ideal for a place to clear your mind and soak up some sun (depending on the location).

Incorporating as many slim framed windows and large glass doors as possible into the villa can aid with elevating the overall design. The minimal framing on Sieger glazing systems does not obstruct views or light flow, for a high-end look both inside and out.


Sieger slim sliding door used in a glass façade at the rear of a modern villa house
the slimmest aluminium bifold door used in a modern holiday villa design

Slim Framed Aluminium Glazing

Regardless of the interior design, choice of external building finishes or location, every type of modern holiday villa will benefit from incorporating large amounts of glazing.

Slim framed aluminium glazing maximises natural light which has both mental and physical benefits for the occupants, offers clear views of the outdoors and brings a villa the ‘wow factor’.


For more information on our aluminium glazing systems, or to discuss an upcoming project, get in touch with the Sieger team who will be happy to answer any questions.

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