The New Sieger 70 Window

The new Sieger 70 window is one of the only invisible opening window systems available on the market. It’s a tilt and turn window that can be designed to exceptional sizes with an almost frameless appearance.

The handle is integrated within the frame which is imperceptible from a front view. To further enhance the discreet opening mechanisms, the hinges are also concealed within the frame. Having all the opening mechanisms hidden consolidates the minimalistic aesthetic of this window system.

This modern window is manufactured in our aluminium window and door fabrication facility in Amersham. We manufacture each Sieger® product bespoke to each project, therefore the Sieger 70 window can be manufactured as part of a full glazing package from us.

The finer details

The handle is hidden within one side of the frame, so to open the window to a side hung opening position the handle just needs to be lifted out the frame and rotated to a 90° angle. The window then pivots on its hidden hinges at the top and base of the window frame. For a tilt and turn opening, the handle needs to be rotated 180° (from the closed position facing the base of the frame) to face the top of the frame where the handle can be hidden within the frame again.

The beauty of this system is that it appears to be a large fixed frame window, however it is actually a large tilt and turn window thanks to the intelligent design. It has been designed to meet some of the most exacting standards in modern architectural and fenestration design. The sightlines (vent and frame profile) is just 66mm, and as the window can be manufactured to 2.3m tall x 1.3m wide you can achieve an impressive frame to glass ratio.

The configurations of this slim framed aluminium tilt and turn window are all inward opening; it can be opened in a side hung and bottom hung configuration. There is only one handle option for this window as it’s specially designed for this tilt and turn mechanism, but the frame colours can be chosen in any RAL colour, timber effect PPC, anodised and dual colour finish.



Maximising the Amount of Light

Not only does this system have beautifully slim frames, but it also achieves impressive performance ratings. The Sieger 70 window is manufactured using a thermally broken frame and a typical glass specification of 6mm TXD outer, 16mm argon filled cavity, 6mm TXD inner with a low e coating; this achieves a Uw value from 1.0 W/m²K. It also achieves an air permeability class 4, wind resistance class C5 and acoustic reduction RW 46 dB.

The slim design of this tilt and turn window looks exceptional alongside the slim aluminium door systems from Sieger®, specifically the Sieger slim sliding door and the Sieger lux bifolding door. For a full glazing package from Sieger, each product is manufactured by hand in our fabrication facility where you can come and see your glazing package being created. Specifying various Sieger products in your project will ensure a cohesive finish to the fenestration.

You can see the Sieger 70 window in our glazing showroom in Amersham. To arrange an appointment or to discuss your project with our technical team, just call 01494 722 882 or email [email protected]

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