Incorporating Pet Doors Into Aluminium Framed Patio Doors

Bifolding and sliding glass doors are fast replacing casement doors as favourites for patio doors. If you have a pet and want sliding patio or bifold doors but are worried that you can’t have the best of both worlds, then Sieger Systems can help.

Incorporating a pet door into these styles of doors can be extremely difficult with off the shelf systems. As each of our doors is manufactured on a completely bespoke basis to suit design requirements, we can take pet doors into consideration during the design process.

We can provide you with pet-friendly aluminium sliding and bifolding doors with frames to match any pet door, so you have the perfect easy access route for your pet without compromising on aesthetic.

cat flap incorporated into steel look bifold doors with black frames

Why incorporate a pet door into your patio door?

There are many reasons as to why incorporating a pet door into your sliding or bifolding patio doors is a great idea.

By incorporating a pet door into your aluminium doors you are allowing your pet to roam freely without the need of worrying about opening and closing your door constantly.

Using pet doors can help stop excessive amounts of cold into your home as only a small section of the door will be opened every time your pet comes or goes.

Sieger have designed and installed both slim sliding glass doors and bifolding doors that included pet doors.

doggy door in a sliding glass aluminium patio door with white frames
three pane bifold with one large pane to make room for a dog door

Sliding Doors

An easy way to incorporate a pet door into a sliding door is to make the end fixed pane slightly wider than the sliding panes.

This creates a gap at the end when the doors are stacked on top of each other, allowing room for a pet door to be fitted without getting in the way of the sliding panes.

As shown in the image on the left, a doggy door was incorporated into new sliding patio doors to allow the family cat easy access between the garden and home.

The colour of the cat flap, or any pet door you are looking for, can be matched by powder coating the aluminium framing of the door the same colour just like in the Orchard Road project.

The colour of both the cat flap and sliding patio doors match the interior of this home perfectly creating a cohesive overall look.

Bifold Doors

Our Quarrendon Street project features a cat flap in steel look bifolding doors.

The three pane bifold and single pane traffic door uses glazing bars for an industrial style, steel look aesthetic.

In this project, the aluminium framing was finished with a different colour to the dog flap to create a modern, monochrome appearance.

All of Sieger’s doors can be powder coated any RAL colour of your choosing. This can allow you to create interesting designs with your pet doors, whether you want them to blend together seamlessly or contrast for a more unique look.

Pet doors are available to be incorporated into any door you require, providing easy access for your pet into your garden area as well as keeping your preferred aesthetic when using sliding or bifolding doors

Our technical team are on hand to ensure you choose the right glazing for your project.

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external view of an aluminium bifold door with black frames and a white cat flap

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