ARES Automated Rising Electric System

An Auto Venting, Thermally Broken Rooflight System


Utilising the latest advances in glazing technology and engineering, the ARES auto-venting rooflight has an ultra-minimal design with hidden mechanisms and the internal frame concealed within building finishes to provide a frameless effect when views from inside.

This venting rooflight system is extremely flexible in design and truly one of the most innovative systems on the market. The system has two motor options with their own specs, and can be designed in any shape, be venting or vertical lifting and can even be designed as an access rooflight opening up to 85 degrees.


Design options: Square or rectangular venting / shaped venting / shaped vertical lifting / access rooflight

Finishes: Polyester powder coating (PPC) any RAL colour.

Opening: up to 85° for an access rooflight 

Glass Thickness: Up to 41.5mm

Automation: Wall switch / remote control / keypad / BMS integrated / weather automation integration

Glass options: Low maintenance glass / solar control glass / low iron glass / and more 


The ARES bespoke rooflight system is designed and manufactured to meet your exact requirements, from the glass specification through to the size and frame finish.

The typical glass spec for this system is 6mm TXD outer pane, argon gas cavity with warm edge spacers, 13.5mm TXD-LAM inner pane. All of our external insulated glazing systems come with a low e coating as standard to ensure outstanding thermal performance. Sieger® can manufacture the glass unit with various technical glass solutions if desired, including solar control glass, low maintenance glass and privacy glass.

High-performance motors allow us to overcome previous dimensional limits. Only the highest quality opening mechanisms are used to ensure a smooth opening action. Our electric chain actuators offer longevity with anti-corrosion treated double-link chains. The system has integrated safety features such as soft stop closing and auto reversing when a block is detected. Different system options will have different features but all ensure the protection of both the system and homes occupants.

There are also several control accessories available to enhance the control experience, such as rain sensors, window sensors and the option to integrate the ARES with smart home automation systems. For more information on the design options, motors and control options, download the ARES Product Data Sheet below.

The ARES Auto Venting Rooflight can be bought straight from our state of the art manufacturing facility on a supply only basis.

There is a range of automated rooflight systems on display at our showroom where you can see the automation in action.

To arrange a showroom visit, please book an appointment by calling 01494 722 882 or email [email protected]




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