Legacy Conservation Rooflight System

A super flush, thermally broken rooflight system


The Sieger Legacy Conservation Rooflight has been designed with high levels of insulation and weather resistance. This aluminium flush rooflight system boasts a modern and minimalistic design and with the ability to conceal the inner frame within the building finishes the internal view appears frameless. This is the ideal system for uninterrupted sky views without obstruction.


Maximum Size: 1.5m x 3m, no maximum number of panes 

Pitch: from 15° to 60°

Glass Thickness: typical spec 39.5mm

Shape: Square or rectangular as stanard, other shapes available on request.

Finishes: RAL 7016 or 9005 as standard, other non-standard RAL colours available. 

Glass options: Low Maintenance Glass / Solar Control Glass 

flush rooflight system - legacy conservation rooflight - minimal rooflight system

This incredibly minimalistic design suits a wide range of buildings including residential extensions, new build houses, heritage and listed buildings.

In order to make any changes to listed buildings in the UK certain requirements are needed to get planning permission. This often includes not altering the building in any way, and not making changes that affects the building character.

Optional glazing bars can also be included in the design to keep in with tradition steel look architectural styles. Glazing bars are an excellent way to add a touch of timeless elegance. 

Due to the flush design of this system is it extremely well suited to projects on listed building as it complies with not altering the building or affecting the character.

Advances in glazing technology allowed our in-house design team do develop this super flush system. Blending in seamlessly with any building, this rooflight gives any building a huge influx of natural light.

The ability to have multiple panes used in conjunction with each other means that this system can full extremely large structural openings.


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