Sieger Oversized Sliding Doors

Large Format Sliders with Minimal Frame


The Sieger® Oversized Sliding Door is a truly impressive sliding door system which outperforms the competition for both design and performance. This enhanced version of the standard Slim Slider has a 54mm depth, allowing the framing profile to accommodate triple glazed units or laminated double glazing units. There are a broad range of sliding configurations possible from a single pane sliding pocket door to a six pane opening corner sliding system. And of course, automation is available.

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 0.9 W/m2K 

Max. Pane Size: calculated on a project by project basis

Configurations: from one track to three tracks available. Opening corners, bi parting sliders and pocket doors all available

Glass Specification: up to 54mm glass, insulated triple glazing or laminated glazing with low e coatings and argon gas filling

Weather Protection: full testing completed, water (9A), air (4), wind (C3)

Automation: automated recommended for sliding units over 400kg 

two pane slim sliding aluminium door used as a seafront balcony door
oversized slim sliding door from Sieger with minimal aluminium framing
oversized sliding glass balcony door with slim aluminium frames

The oversized version of our Slim Sliding Doors offers a higher level of performance both in strength against wind loading and insulation. The slim aluminium framing can hold laminated panes or a triple glazed unit which allows you to achieve much higher levels of thermal insulation.

These large format sliding glass units can be made in impressive sizes. Automation is recommended if the sliding units weight more than 400kg to make the system manageable with an overall maximum unit weight of 700kg.

There are many sliding configurations possible from pocket doors to opening corners. Linear elevations of this sliding glass door can be up to 3 panes sliding in one direction. For a longer elevation of glass you can specify the sliding panes as bi parting and create a single elevation of sliding glass up to 6 sliding panes wide.

This slim sliding doors solution also has a unique base option which allows the floor finish to continue right across the base from inside to out. The flush threshold even further blurs the division between inside and out.

Further information about this system can be obtained by contacting a member of the Sieger team.

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