What is the order process with Sieger®?

Sieger® offers a full in-house service with dedicated departments to overlook each stage of your project. Before placing an order with a glazing company, it is always good to understand the journey your glazing order will go through.

We have put together the following guide to explain the process from obtaining a quotation through to design and installation. Keep reading to find out about each step your project will go through with Sieger®.

How do I request an initial quote for Sieger® Aluminium Glazing?

Whether you’re an Architect, Homeowner or a Builder / Developer, in order for our estimators to create a quotation for your project we ask for you to send us some information about your project via email. The information we ask for is as follows:

  • The location of the project (including the postcode and first line of the address)
  • The sizes for the required glazing
  • The particular system or style of glazing desired (steel-look glazing)
  • Any performance requirements for the project
  • Any up-to-date architectural drawings
  • The best email and telephone number to contact you on

If you have architectural drawings, we ask for you to send a copy of these to us which highlights the glazing elements you would like us to quote for, from these drawings we are able to clearly visualise the scope of works required for the project. Being able to visualise the project ensures that we are all on the same page when it comes to the glazing design and requirements.

If you do not have architectural drawings, then a hand sketch of the project is equally as useful if it clearly shows which areas of glazing you are looking to use Sieger® Systems for.

All of the above information ensures that we fully understand the project and from this, we can swiftly provide you with an accurate quotation.

Can I talk to the technical team before quotation and do you have a showroom?

If you would like to talk through your project prior to quotation our technical team are happy to discuss your project at our glazing showroom located in Amersham. Here you can sit down with a member of the team, over a cup of tea, and run through the project in detail. Our technical team can offer advice on the best systems to use for each glazing element and show you each system in person, simply contact us to arrange a 1-2-1 appointment.

Within the showroom at Sky House Design Centre, there are full-size Sieger® products on display to provide you with a true representation of how these systems would look in situ.

If you are looking for quick advice or indicative costings, in most cases we are able to provide broad costs over the phone (usually based on per metre square sizes), but due to the bespoke nature of each glazing systems, we recommend having a quotation calculated based on the rough sizes of each opening. Our technical advisors are available Monday-Friday to answer any questions you may have.



Do Sieger® provide a full end-to-end service?


Sieger® provides a full in-house service that includes design, supply and installation. Within the quotations from Sieger®, we include costs for these services. When we look over the architectural drawings, we take into consideration whether any specialist lifting equipment is required, site surveys and warranties etc, which are then included within the quote.

Our quotations include this information in order to provide you with a cost for the full project so you are completely aware of what to budget for and that no additional costs will crop up later down the line.

When will I hear from the Sales Team?

When we receive the project information, our estimators create your unique quotation which a member of the sales team will send to you via email and will call you to follow up the quotation to make sure it has been received. Your project is passed to a member of the sales team who is your point of contact during the quotation stage.

How do I place the order?

When you are sent your quotation from the sales team, an order confirmation form is also included within the email for you to complete, when you are ready to place the order. Simply complete this order form and return it back to the contact who originally sent the form.

What happens once I have placed the order?

Once the order has been completed and returned, our sales team will collate all the information an details about your project and will hand this to the contracts team. An invoice will be generated for the order deposit and will be sent to you, once this has been paid your project is sent to the design department to begin detailed design.

Your project will then be assigned a dedicated contracts manager who will see the project through the design, manufacture and installation processes until the project is completed. Your dedicated contracts manager will be your point of contact throughout each of these stages and will introduce themselves to you as soon as they are assigned to the project.

When do the lead times on my quotation start?

When planning the time scales for the project the lead times of the systems need to be taken into consideration, this includes time for the drawings to be completed.

On your quotation, the lead times for each system will be listed – this is the lead time from the sign off of the design drawings. Once the designs have been confirmed the order is sent to the Sieger® Factory which then begins the manufacturing process (the lead times outlined in the quotation documents now begin).

When will the installation team fit the glazing?

Once the designs have been agreed and the products have been manufactured, our in-house installation team will then arrive on an agreed date, ready to install the Sieger® Systems.

If machinery (lifting equipment for example) is required for the installation then your dedicated contracts manager will arrange this prior to the installation, to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. The contracts manager and installation team work closely with all companies involved in the wider project to ensure that any potential obstacles are ironed out before the installation process commences.

Can I contact Sieger® after the installation?

If there is anything you need after the project has been completed or you have a question about the systems installed on your project, you can just give us a call and our knowledgeable team can provide you with any advice or guidance you may need.

To receive a quotation from Sieger®, simply email all the required information about the project (listed above) to [email protected]

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