What is ‘The Green Deal’?

Earlier this year the government launched The Green Deal to help households make energy saving improvements in their home and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Green Deal helps people find the best way to pay for these improvements, but the government are also offering loans and grants.

You can check if you are eligible for either of these on the government website.

If you receive the Green Homes Grant, at least one primary measure must be taken before the grant can be used for glazing.

This includes measures such as building a cavity wall or a low carbon measure like a biomass boiler.

Once a primary measure has been installed the voucher can then be used to replace single glazing with double or triple glazing.

It can also be used to replace certain single glazed or solid external doors with energy efficient doors.

The Deal is due to end in March 2021.

aluminium framed doors and aluminium double glazed windows
aluminium framed doors and aluminium double glazed windows

Homeowners can get up to £5,000 to cover part of the cost of these energy saving measures.

Low income households can get 100% of the costs of work covered up to £10,000.

The aim of this scheme is to help make homes more environmentally friendly and when it comes to glazing, aluminium frames are one of the most eco-friendly materials.

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and with the modern thermal break technology used at Sieger our glazing systems achieve high levels of thermal performance.

Check out our product pages to see the thermal performance and technical details of our glazing systems.

If you have applied or are thinking of applying and want to use your voucher for glazing replacement, get in touch with the Sieger team to discuss glazing options.


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