The Ultimate Guide to Rooflights and Roof Glazing

With new rooflight systems constantly being developed, it can be difficult to stay on top of new advances. At Sieger we have a wide range of aluminium framed roof glazing systems including an automated venting rooflight, a lantern rooflight and a conservation rooflight.

All systems have their advantages and certain system are better suited to certain types of properties. Factors such as ventilation, location and pitch all need to be taken into account when specifying rooflights and roof glazing.

The team at Sieger have put together this guide to ensure our customers know their options and can decide which solution is best suited for the project.

large lantern rooflight with white aluminium framing in a contemporary home extension

Flat Rooflights

These types of rooflights are the most common, often seen in single story home extensions or garden rooms. This simple yet elegant system uses a double glazed unit with an argon gas cavity to achieve high thermal performance levels.

This type of roof glazing system is well suited for projects that just want to allow more natural light to flow into the internal living space. If the system will be above a kitchen, an automated venting roofing system may be a better option as it allows air flow to be increased in and out of the internal area.

Sieger’s AllGlass Rooflight System has been designed such that the glazing unit may be taken out of the frame and replaced, without the frame itself having to be removed, providing a durable, cost-effective and long-life solution.

As with all standard flat, fixed rooflights, a minimum upstand of 150mm is required as stated in building regulations.

flat fixed rooflight to maximise natural light in the home
ARES auto-venting rooflight system that can also be used as an access rooflight

Automated Rooflights

Sieger’s new auto-venting rooflight system, the ARES, has a minimal design with the internal frame concealed in building finishes. This means that from the inside of the home, the rooflight appears frameless, offering clear views of the sky above.

These types of rooflight systems are ideal for maximising ventilation, making it suited for projects such as kitchen extensions where increased air flow may be necessary while cooking and to reduce food smells afterwards.

When it comes to the shape of a rooflight, opening systems are often limited to square or rectangular. This is not the case with the ARES venting rooflight system as by placing actuators around the unique shaped rooflight, the system can lift vertically, removing any previous shape limits.

The rooflight can also be designed as an access rooflight, opening 85 degrees to allow passage to outdoor spaces such as roof terraces.

Conservation Rooflights

This type of rooflight system is ideal for listed and heritage buildings, as well as properties in conservation areas. For these types of properties there are often tighter restrictions on and building works.

It is a common rule that the character of the property must remain unchanged and no major work can be carried out on the exterior of the property.

Sieger’s Legacy Conservation Rooflight System is a flush glazed roof glazing solution boasting a modern and minimalistic design with the ability to conceal the inner frame within the building finishes.

As conservation rooflight are a popular choice for more traditional buildings, which often have steel framed windows and doors, our system can be designed with glazing bars in line with the elegant steel look aesthetic.


flush conservation rooflights are an ideal roof glazing solution for listed buildings
Sieger 40 aluminum lantern rooflight and aluminium bifold door in a modern home extension

Lantern Rooflights

When it comes to maximising natural light within a space, roof lanterns are an excellent choice. Not only do they look great, but they channel light from all angles, allowing the sunlight to filter down into the space below.

Although roof lanterns need a frame to support them, Sieger’s ultra slim aluminium frames offer 70% less framing in the roof opening than other lantern systems.

These types of rooflights add a certain architectural element to a home, and the Sieger 40 Lantern can reach an impressive 5m wide. Many of our projects have seen lanterns fitted on single storey home extensions, often above modern kitchen and dining areas.

Structural Roof Glazing

For larger and more minimal roof glazing solutions, structural glass can be used to create stunning glass roofs that allow in a vast amount of natural light whilst providing clear, uninterrupted views of the outdoors.

Invisio is the UK’s first thermally broken structural glazing system, offering unparalleled thermal insulation whilst maintain the key frameless design of structural glazing. This makes it ideal for glazing solutions such as entire glass roofs or up and over glazing.


If you are still unsure which rooflight or roof glazing solution is best suited to your project, don’t hessite to get in touch with the Sieger team who will be happy to advise and answer any questions.

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Invisio thermally broken structural roof glazing system with silicone bonding

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