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What is fluted glass and when should it be used?

What is Fluted Glass?

Fluted glass is identifiable by its vertical grooves. It is sometimes referred to as ribbed or textured glass and is highly popular among architects and interior designers looking to add texture to a living space whilst diffusing light and adding an element of privacy.

It is one of the latest interior design trends within both residential and commercial properties. This decorative glass is crafted with smooth vertical patterns providing an elegant combination of visibility and privacy. The linear curves create the illusion of smooth flowing streams of water especially in clear glass, offering a sense of clarity that benefits any room. The fluted structure of this decorative glass enables light to dance from flute to flute for a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

Fluted glass solves the problem of creating privacy while still maintaining light and airy interior spaces, it is ideal for internal rooms where the desire for space and privacy meet. The fluted glass delicately distorts the view through the glass pane while allowing light to stream through, perfect for bathrooms, offices or spaces where a slight element of privacy is desired.

How can fluted glass work with my interior design?

When paired with aluminium frames fluted glass creates a unique interior design with a New York studio apartment style. Internal aluminium windows and door systems with fluted glass are becoming a design trend within the UK as homeowners across the country are trying to make the most of the sun light within their homes. For a good few years, the way of achieving this has been up open-up the living spaces, by removing walls and installing floor-to-ceiling windows, to create open-plan rooms that allow day light to continuously flow throughout the property. However, there are alternative ways of increasing the influx of natural light within the home whilst maintaining a level of privacy.

There are various internal glazing systems that retain an open plan design such as sliding doors with a pocket door integration to open or close off a section of a living space when desired. Internal sliding or bi-folding aluminium door systems can be manufactured either completely filled with fluted glass for total privacy or the fluted glass can just be installed in central vertical panels for a slightly obscured view. These internal systems are ideal to temporarily divide a kitchen off from a kitchen/dining/living area or for home offices.

How can fluted glass be used in a commercial setting?

To commercial buildings, internal aluminium screen systems can be designed with a choice of either a full wall of fluted glass or central panels for a touch of privacy. Fluted glass can also be used within external aluminium glazing systems, the texture of the glass diffuses the harsh glares of direct sunlight to create a soft, warm glow resulting in comfortable board rooms and meeting areas.



Can fluted glass only be used internally?


Fluted glass can be used for a wide selection of both internal and external Sieger® Systems for residential and commercial properties. As the aluminium frames can be finished in any standard RAL colour, they can be designed to match existing glazing systems or to create the required finish for the property and match the interior and exterior aesthetic.

Sieger® have a range of external systems including steel-look replacement glazing systems (the Sieger® Legacy range) to create a traditional industrial style aesthetic to the external facade of the property. This Art Deco style system along with Sieger sliding doors, casement windows and doors, bifolding doors are all available to view within our UK showroom based at the Sky House Design Centre in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.

To discover how fluted glass can be used for your project or to arrange a one-to-one consultation and tour of our showroom please speak to a member of the Sieger® team by calling 01494 722 882 or email [email protected]


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