A Comprehensive Guide for Sieger Products in New Build Projects

When designing a new build house, window systems are amongst the most important factors to determine a build’s aesthetic. After bricks and mortar, doors and windows are also one of the first things about a building to be selected, making the specification process a key part of designs.

For something that plays such an integral role in a buildings structure as well as aesthetic, there is a common misconception is that a designer may have to choose between structure and aesthetic. Sieger systems offer environmentally friendly, bespoke systems that are tailored to meet a projects individual needs and uncompromising on aesthetic.


Environmental & Sustainability Factors

Aluminium is the most recyclable industrial metal, making it more sustainable and environmental as a building material than its competing materials. Sieger window systems are thermally broken, which means they have high thermal performances for use throughout residential new builds. Having a home with a high thermal performance can generate savings on energy bills and is also a large contributor to value when selling a property, now that green status is so highly regarded. Sieger systems exceed the national requirements for their thermal performance, so as those requirements increase, new builds featuring Sieger systems won’t be in danger of falling beneath the radar.


Bespoke designs

All Sieger systems can be made bespoke to fit with unusual designs and spaces like this one which required triangular, asymmetrical glazing. Various configurations can be specified at the design process and collaboratively worked on with Sieger to determine the best outcomes for various new build layouts. One factor to be taken into consideration when specifying a window configuration is ventilation, this will vary depending on the room and location of the window, such as being close to a kitchen stove. Sieger systems can accommodate double-storey heights for a striking look, often used to seamlessly blend the gap between indoor and outdoor living, maximising use of garden spaces.


New build homes must pass a security standard of PAS 24 (product assessment specification) to ensure adequate security. Requirements like security can be catered for, all Sieger window systems surpass this rating, with Sieger Slim 70 tilt and turn windows being implemented in the bedrooms of Tottenham football players’ bedrooms at their resident training facility, the Lodge.



Sieger windows come in a variety of colours, with anthracite grey being the most popular choice. Any RAL colour can be selected and the frames powder coated, made to match a new build stone or brickwork whilst ensuring longevity throughout British weather conditions.

For all the benefits of aluminium with a steel look, Sieger aluminium is unrivalled, now able to incorporate horizontal glazing bars for the ultimate modern industrial feel. Once window systems and colours have been selected, why not check out the range of entrance doors available from Sieger.

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