What are the advantages of a steel look bifold door?

Achieving a steel look system without the price tag has never been easier. With the increase for industrial style door systems and art deco themed homes, Sieger has reacted to the demand and continued to develop our steel look systems to the highest performances and specifications. Here we will explore the advantages of using aluminium to achieve steel like results.

Due to its ability to be recycled infinitely to create the same product, aluminium is the most recyclable industrial metal. One of the key advantage’s aluminium has over steel is its resistance to corrosion. Steel often has chromium added as an agent to prevent corrosion, whereas aluminium has a natural resistance mainly due to its passivation layer. This resistance to corrosion ensures that our aluminium framed bifolds are suitable for multiple climates, regardless of external weather factors.

As a result of its environmental benefits, steel look bifolds are the frequently chosen product in the specification stage of a project. As the material is considered so versatile, architects often opt for aluminium as they know what they can achieve with its versatility.

aluminium bifold doors
Aluminum framework can be finished in a selection of ways, including applying a polyester powder coating. This method is the most popular as the RAL colour chart is so broad, this also offers the ability to match your steel look bifolds to existing window or door frames, creating a cohesive finish.

Steel is significantly heavier than aluminum, making it harder to manufacture, transfer and install. With a lighter material such as aluminum, less regulations are in place during the fabrication, transporting and handling process’, making for an easier installation or supply process. The lightweight door system also allows ease of use when sliding the systems to one side to reveal a completely open aperture.

The Sieger range of bifolding doors has a variety of ironmongery and handle options to choose from, offering the flexibility to fit any interior/exterior design. Aluminum is renowned for being low maintenance, once your installation is complete the level of care and cleaning will be minimal in comparison to other construction materials.

Aluminium bifolding door
Modern kitchen extension with bifold doors

When choosing a steel look door system, thermal performance is an important factor in most cases, more so depending on the location of the door. Most bifolding doors are external hence the thermal performance must pass certain regulations and standards set by building regulations.

All Sieger bifolding door systems have high thermal performances, surpassing the standards. Ensuring your system surpasses the recommended standards is key for home improvement as it helps to enhance a property value. In years to come, these regulations will increase as the standard becomes better. Being ahead in this way guarantees that value will remain, making your steel look systems long-wearing and good value. This is also useful when considering commercial use properties, as the increase in value helps properties to sell or lease.

Incorporating a steel look system is a brilliant way to expand usable space and follow an indoor-outdoor style of living. Having a bifolding door granting garden access grants the ability to seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor environments when the weather permits.

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