MARS Modern Automated Rooflight System

A Thermally Broken, Automated Sliding Rooflight System


Automated rooflight systems have many benefits for both residential and commercial projects. Our MARS® sliding glass rooflight has been expertly engineered to reach impressively large sizes whilst maintaining high performance levels.

Using multiple large panes in configurations for as pirating over fixed panes, the MARS® can be used to create sliding glass roofs that allow internal space to be merged with the outdoors. The minimal sightlines mean that even when closed the space below has clear views of the sky above.

For flexible ventilation, integrate our ARES venting frame within the MARS® sliding structure for air flow without the need to fully slide open the rooflight. This can be desirable especially during rainy months.


Sightline: 169mm as seen from above

Max Size: SD motor 2.4m x 6m / HD motot 4m x 6m / sliding and venting 2m x 6m / larger sizes available upon request

Configurations: sliding over fixed / sliding over structure / biparting over fixed / biparting over structure / sliding and venting 

Typical Glass Spec: 8mm TXD / 2mm argon gas cavity / 13.5mm TXD-SGP-LAM 

Control Options: wall switch / remote control / keypad / smart home automation / weather automation integration / and more

Glass options: Low maintenance glass / solar control glass / low iron glass / and more 


sliding glass roof with a thermally broken aluminium frame

This automated sliding rooflight uses three sets of perimeter brush seals plus rubber bumper seals at the closing edges. If further advanced sealing is desired this system has the option to integrate a pneumatic seal.

In terms of frame finishes and glazing options, our automated sliding glass roof has a variety of design options. The fully thermally broken aluminium frame can be finished with a polyester powder coating in any RAL colour as well as the option for special finishes.

Any coated or laminated glass solution can be used within the MARS® automated rooflight system including solar control, low maintenance, privacy glass, heated glass and more.

There is a range of automated rooflight systems on display at our showroom where you can see the automation in action.

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