The Sieger Rooflight System

A Thermally Broken Rooflight System


The Sieger thermally broken rooflight system is the latest advance in modern roof glazing. Highly insulated glass units can be installed with a frameless appearance using our unique thermally broken rooflight section and silicone jointed panes. Thanks to the advanced design of our thermal break technology these frameless rooflights can be made to very large sizes, allowing lots of light to enter spaces below. 


Sightline: frameless finish

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 1.2 W/m2K 

Snow Loading: up to 2.02 kN/m2 

Max. Size: a singular insulated glass unit, recommended max size 1.5m x 3m

Pitch: 0 to 45 degrees

Glass Specification: up to 37.5mm thick double glazed unit with toughened laminated inner pane for safety

Shapes: square or rectangular as standard, other shapes available on request. 


      Flat frameless rooflights are often the first choice for the roof glazing on modern design and build projects. The flat glass surface makes for an unfussy glazing design which allows a lot of natural light into a space. The rooflight system from Sieger is a thermally broken rooflight system which can create very large rooflights to bespoke shapes and sizes.

      The unique thermally broken design of this rooflight system eliminates the normal cold bridging issue you get with normal flat rooflights. With a thermal break within the aluminium profile the internal and external faces of metal are completely thermally separated. This provides a much better thermal performance as well as better environments for the built space (reduces energy loss and no condensation/frost on the frames).

      There are two external design options with this rooflight system; first of all, you can choose the glass to end flush with the frame, alternatively you could choose for the glass to be stepped over the edge of the frame. Both options are possible. The panes can also be silicone jointed, in keeping with a frameless finish.

      We have this rooflight system available to see at our showroom in both built structures and hand-held samples to see the integral technology. Contact us for quotes or showroom appointments.




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