Sieger 40 Lantern Rooflight

Slim Aluminium Frames for Natural Light


Create a beautiful ingress of natural light into a property with the installation of a Sieger 40 Lantern Rooflight. The beautifully slim aluminium frames allow lots of natural light straight down into the living or working space below, resulting in a bright and airy internal space. Our lantern rooflight can measure an impressive maximum width of 5 metres. Various opening elements can be integrated within the design to provide ventilation during warmer months.

Sightline: 40mm 

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 0.7 W/m2K 

Snow Loading: up to 1.4 kN/m2 

Max. Size: up to 5m wide

Opening Elements: integrated venting rooflights possible

Glass Specification: up to 24mm thick insulated glazing, options for triple glazing and solar control glass

Colours: framing finish black, white or grey, possible dual colour options

The Sieger 40 Roof Lantern has been fully tested for thermal insulation as well as important structural characteristics such as the maximum snow load and wind loading. The ultra slim aluminium frames offer 70% less framing in the roof opening than other lantern systems on the market meaning you can maximise glass and light, even in a small installation.

The aluminium lantern is available in impressive sizes of up to 5m wide with an almost unlimited length. Lantern rooflights over 2.5m wide will need tie bars although these can be hidden until the roof glazing exceeds 3.8m in width. The result is a modern, simple, minimal rooflight design.

We offer this thermally broken rooflight system in three standard colours of white, black and grey. You can also choose to have the internal face of the aluminium white to match a white ceiling finish and select either black or grey for the external face.

There are a number of 40 Lantern Rooflights available to view at the Sieger showroom, both built into the building envelope (to show you the systems performance under normal UK weather conditions) and free standing samples to allow you a closer look.

If you would like to arrange a visit to the Sieger showroom, or you would like to receive a quotation for this lantern rooflight, just contact the team at Sieger who will be happy to help.


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