The Sieger Automated Rooflight System

An Automated, Thermally Broken Rooflight System


The Sieger Automated Rooflight is not only designed to bring abundant daylight into a space, but ventilation too. This thermally broken, automated rooflight is designed with a traditional aesthetic and state-of-the-art technology for an efficient electronically operated rooflight. Highly insulated glass units can be installed with a minimally framed appearance, available in bespoke sizes for each individual project.  


Thermal Insulation: Typical U Value up to 1.16 W/m²K

Finishes: RAL 7015 or 9005 externally as standard, 9010 internally as standard. Other non-standard RAL colours available. 

Maximum Size: An impressive maximum size on 1.4m x 3m 

Pitch: from 5° to 20°

Glass Thickness: Up to 28.8mm

Automation: A wall switch and remote control as standard. Rain sensors, wind sensors are available as extras

Glass options: Low Maintenance Glass / Solar Control Glass 


The bespoke rooflight system is designed and manufactured to meet your exact requirements, from the glass specification through to the size and frame finish. The frames of this rooflight are available in standard colours, the standard colours that are available are RAL 7015 (slate grey) or 9005 (jet black) externally and 9010 (white) internally. If you would like a different RAL colour, then please let our team know so we can include this within your quotation.

The typical glass specification for this automated rooflight is 6mm TXD outer, 16mm argon gas cavity, 2x4mm TXD laminated inner with a low E coating. Other glass specifications are available but with a maximum thickness of 28.8mm. Sieger® can manufacture the glass unit with various technical glass solutions if desired, including solar control glass, low maintenance glass and privacy glass.


For ventilation the automated rooflight is fitted with 24v chain driven actuators completely sealed within the frame allowing the automated rooflight to open to a maximum of 400mm. As standard the rooflight comes with a wall switch and remote control to operate each individual rooflight. There are also several control accessories available to enhance the control experience, such as rain sensors, window sensors, touchscreen controller (which allows the homeowner to control up to 4 rooflights in different rooms).

The Sieger Automated Rooflight can be seen at our showroom where you can see if from below and above, and also see the automation in action. To arrange a showroom visit, please book an appointment by calling 01494 722 882 or email




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