Choosing aluminium doors for exposed locations


Choosing doors and glazing systems is a big decision no matter where you live. However, properties in certain locations need to pay an extra level of attention to the performance values of the systems as properties in exposed locations need extra thought. If a property is exposed to harsh weather conditions then the glazing system for this needs to be able to withstand these conditions, therefore it is a good idea to speak to a glazing specialist to ensure the glazing is designed for the conditions of the specific property.

Glazed doors, whether they are aluminium sliding doors or aluminium bi-folding doors offer an outstanding connection with the outside environment. This connection can help to enhance the highly sought-after indoor-outdoor living design, however, it’s not just the aesthetic qualities that need to be considered. These glazing systems need to protect the property’s interior from the weather, especially the harsh effects that can be caused by wind and rain.

Properties that are located near the coast, on a hill or on a plain with very few surrounding trees are significantly exposed to the elements. Within these locations, the wind speeds can reach great strengths as there aren’t any obstacles or surrounding buildings to break the force of the wind. Due to the wind speeds within these plots, it’s imperative that the glazing being chosen for the project is carefully investigated to see how well it performs under the wind speeds present in the location of the property.

Which glass doors should I choose?

When choosing your glass doors, you want them to be both low maintenance and efficient, both in terms of their aesthetics and how well they do at protecting properties from the elements. Every aluminium glass door on the market undergoes extensive testing for air permeability and water-tightness by an independent company, these test results are measured in Pascals and can be readily available for you to view, just ask a member of the Sieger team.

Within the glazing industry, there are strict guidelines in place to ensure that products meet good thermal performance, therefore aluminium patio doors, bifold doors and entrance doors are all designed and manufactured within the guidelines.

Wind loading requirements are subject to the location of the project and need to be considered on a project by project basis. Some glazing systems simply aren’t suitable for exposed locations due to the level of weather-tightness they offer. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that the wind loading requirement is presented to the glazing specialists who can then advise you on the best glazing system for the project.

Why is wind loading important to consider when specifying glass doors?


Wind load is an important consideration for doors, particularly if you are going to have large panels of sliding glass units. The natural elements can have a big impact on the size of the glazed door and the opening configurations that are possible.

The force of the wind can generate enough pressure to damage architectural glazing, therefore, it is important that framed glazing systems have enough strength to stand against these forces. Sieger will work with the measurements provided by the architect or engineer to design the sliding doors to the wind load requirements, however, the chosen system needs to be able to initially meet the wind load requirements.

If you are looking for glazed doors for exposed properties, then speak to a member of the team who will be able to advise you on the best products for your system, call 01494 722 882 or email [email protected]

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