Chestnut Cottage

Period property with modern glass extension featuring a Schuco casement door and fixed structural glazing

This stunning English countryside cottage had a dropped space where the central tower sits. The homeowners wanted to extend the home to fill this space and increase the functional space of their home.

In order to bring a contemporary touch to the traditional building, the architect on the project used a fully glazed extension to create a new internal living space.

This included a Schuco casement door alongside fixed structural glazing. Glass beams were used to support the structural glass roof without disrupting the sky views.

With period properties such as this one, contemporary extensions are often preferred as it creates a striking contrast against the existing architecture and separates the old from the new.

dog in open doorway of an aluminium framed glass door

Schuco Casement Door

Comprehensive weather testing, a thermally broken aluminium frame and flexibility in design makes this door ideal for any type of project.

internal view of structural glass roof with glass beam supports
schuco aluminium casement door with fixed sidelights and an invio structural glass roof
Entrance designs are the first thing to make an impression on someone, so it’s important that it reflects how you want your home to be perceived. 

This light filled space welcomes people and highlights the beautiful tower that resides in the centre of the home. 

Biophilic design elements are evident in the house plants and vast amount of natural light that penetrates through the glazing.

Surrounded by scenic views of the countryside and an abundance of nature, forging a strong connection with the outdoors was a strong factor when deciding the building materials for this extension.

Stone tiles were used on the floor of this new living space in a similar colour to the external finishing on the tower. These materials blend together seamlessly to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

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