What to consider when choosing slim framed sliding glass doors

Bridging the Divide

Slim sliding glass doors from Sieger® are an excellent method of bridging the divide between the internal and external living spaces while also increasing natural light within properties. The sliding doors from Sieger® come with beautifully slim aluminium framing to create a contemporary aesthetic that enhances the architectural design of properties.

Slim sliding doors from Sieger® are the most minimal way to integrate an opening element into the architectural design. The Sieger Slim Sliding Door boasts impressive minimal sightlines of only 20mm and the framework surrounding the system is designed to be hidden within the finishes of the walls and ceiling to create a super contemporary aesthetic.

These slim sliding doors can be manufactured to very large sizes to achieve wide open apertures. The doors can be designed in a choice of configurations including pocket and corner opening designs.



Features of Sieger Slim Sliding Doors


The slim sliding doors from Sieger® are all bottom hung, therefore when specifying aluminium slim sliding doors it is important to consider our integrated drainage detail and requirements below Finished Floor Level (FFL). For example, 110mm and a solid concrete upstand will be required for installation.

One main feature of the Sieger® sliding doors is the flexibility in design for the opening corner design, this system doesn’t require a corner post or chunky framework to support the corner opening design and therefore provides a beautifully minimalistic look to properties.

With the Sieger® Slim Sliding Door, it is possible to achieve a completely flush threshold detail which is provided as a standard finish. These modern sliding doors create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living environments to help connect the two living areas.


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Sliding doors are the perfect glazing system for large openings leading out onto outdoor space such as patio areas, terraces and gardens. If you would like to specify a slim sliding door from Sieger, speak to a member of the team who will be able to offer advice regarding your specific project. To speak to the team either email [email protected] or call 01494 722 880.


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