Is Double or Triple Glazing Best for Bifold Doors?

This article will outline how to make an informed decision on whether triple or double glazing is right for your bifold doors. This will also affect which of the Sieger bifold doors you can choose. There are a multitude of factors that would impact which glazing option is right for bifolding doors, including location of the home and location of the doors within the property.

The two models of Sieger bifolding doors that are offered with triple glazing are the Sieger 120 Bifold and the Sieger Legacy Bifold. Although the cost of product and the lead time will increase if triple glazing is selected, there is added value which could negate these factors and may be more important to your project needs, particularly for home extensions where it is imperative for a comfortable/liveable climate to be achieved.

If increased lead times and added cost are taken into consideration prior to selection, your project deadlines and budget can be achieved with triple glazed specification.


Thermal and Accoustic Performance will be affected



One of the factors to consider during the specification process is the thermal and acoustic performance of the glass. The glazing option for bifold doors will be a contributor to the overall thermal efficiency of the room. The minimum Uw Value set by the British Building Regulations for bifolding doors is 1.6w/m2k, all Sieger bifolds surpass this value whether double or triple glazing is used.

The acoustic performance of the glass would be dependant on where the property is located and how important noise is to the specific project. The Sieger triple glazed bifolding doors do offer a better Rw value, while acoustic sound reduction glass can also be used in conjunction with bifolding doors.

Depending on the location, having a good thermal and acoustic performance rating on your bifold doors will be an important factor. These are often the factors that equate to year-round use of a space, with a comfortable temperature in the winter months ranking high on a project’s priorities. Triple glazing is a commonly used option with a glass box extension. In an urban area, acoustic performance would be an appropriate detail to add value to an extension.



Maximising the Amount of Light



If free flowing, uninterrupted light is your priority, opt for double glazed Sieger Lux Bifolds. The slimmest sightlines for a Sieger door with triple glazing is the Sieger XL Sliding Door.

The specification of a glazing unit directly impacts the maximum size due to weight restrictions of the system. This may result in a 4 paned bifold door instead of 3, including more visible framework. However, in comparison to timber or uPVC framed doors, the sightlines in aluminium framed triple glazing are still unrivalled.

Impact on Leadtimes


One of the main reasons for increased costs and lead times on a project with a triple glazed bifold is the maximum load weight for transferring and installation of the glass. Triple glazed units are heavier, there is 50% more glass than a double glazed unit, this may mean an increased number of trips for vans or could require the use of a crane for installation.

For more information or if you’re still unsure which option your bifolding doors require, speak to an expert on 01494 722880.

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