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Slim Sliding Doors on a Modern Luxury Villa

This luxury residential home abroad benefitted from huge elevations of glass including multiple slim sliding doors and glass walls.

Oversized glass panes form transparent walls that surround the inner core of the property on the lower floor. A double storey glass wall at the front of the property offers uninterrupted views of the decking and beyond to the beautiful scenic surroundings.

The architectural style is a twist on traditional Greek Cycladic architecture. Cycladic elements can be seen in the whitewashed cuboid shape and a harmonious flow between the indoors and outdoors.

Sharp corners combined with crisp white colour of the external walls and a large amount of glazing embodies elegant simplicity. However this is a modernised version of this style, with twists such as the abundance of contemporary minimalist glazing and wooden components.

There are slim framed sliding glass doors on both the bottom floor and the upper floor leading to external balconies.

three track sliding glass door leading out to external balcony which also has wooden decking

Project Features

Cycladic architectural elements have been combined with modern components for a beautifully unique property.

interior of a luxury modern holiday villa with multiple sliding doors and oversized glazing
six pane silicone bonded double height glass wall

White and wood is a timeless pairing that can be used in conjunction with any interior design due to the neutral tones. The stone and wood materials complement each other, by using a light colour scheme for both the interior and exterior of the house it increases the perceived size of the home.

Natural light flows through the multiple windows and doors and reflects off the light surfaces within the property to create a bright and airy space. This is further embodied by the open plan layout which includes an area where the doors can be opened for a complete merge between the downstairs living space and the outdoors.

The sharp, white design of the exterior follows typical Greek architectural trends. Having an open plan layout with a protected inner core is an architectural style seen in traditional Greek monasteries.

Unique floorplan layouts and glazing work together to break down the barriers between the interior and exterior. In warmer countries having this indoor-outdoor style of living is ideal as the indoor-outdoor spaces can be used often.

The combination of architectural styles with the impressive glazing make for an innovative home.


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