How to specify high performance windows

It’s critical for any building project to have the right windows as they affect the overall feel of the building, the security and the safety of those inside. There are many specifications used to evaluate the performance of a window including its thermal performance, acoustic insulation and wind load.

These product performance elements need expert specification as it is critical that the windows are in full compliance with building regulations which are often complex.

Some glaziers with low performing windows will quote the Ug value as the overall U value to deceive customers into thinking the system is more insulated than it is. This means it is important to make a distinction between the Uw and Ug value to ensure you know what ‘U Value’ your glazier is quoting.

As experts in glazing, Sieger® can supply up to date data on all of our aluminium windows regarding these specifications. Information such as thermal insulation, weather protection, security and pictures can all be found on our product pages and on the downloadable product sheets.

To assist architects with NBS specifications Sieger® have created individual NBS specification sheets for each Sieger® system product. These documents contain all the vital information needed for specification. If you would like one of our draft NBS specifications just ask your sales contact at Sieger®.

Sieger 70 Aluminium window, exterior glazing

Sieger® Legacy Window

Our Sieger® Legacy Window are designed with timeless steel-look framing and are perfect for replacing existing steel windows in renovations or creating an elegant glazing design on new builds.

Glazing bars on this product are bespoke and optional meaning the window can be designed to fit any type of building project, whether it be traditional or contemporary.

All Sieger window systems pass the security standard of PAS 24, ensuring the security of them. Full weather protection testing has been conducted on this product with fantastic results including class 4 for air permeability. The Legacy Window also has a full thermal break and insulated glass ensuring a high thermal performance.

Sieger Legacy Aluminium window, exterior glazing
Sieger 70 Aluminium window, exterior glazing

Sieger® 70 Window

If a more contemporary design is what you’re after then our Sieger® 70 Window has a clean and minimal aluminium frame with subtle handle and hinge options which are concealed within the sash, providing a modern aesthetic to the glazing design.

The Sieger® 70 Window has been designed to be able to meet complex architectural and industrial designs.

We also offer multiple frame finishes for this window including timber effect PPC and dual colour. These large clear glass windows maximise the natural light entering the interior living space.

All windows also come in a range of sizes and designs for our windows allowing architects to achieve the design they want without compromise.

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