Mount House

Stunning home renovation featuring a Sieger Slim Sliding Door and Sieger Lux Casement Door to maximise natural light.

This home had a secondary building which was rarely used. In order to utilise this space, it was renovated and connected to the main home with a thermally insulated, frameless glass link.

To create a modern, well-lit functional living space, a Sieger Slim Sliding Door, Sieger Lux Casement Door, and large gable end window were incorporated into the build.

At the rear of the property is the large slim sliding glass door with a gable end window that sits on top. These glazing solutions create an entire glass façade that allows natural light to flow freely into the interior space.

Internally the renovation follows a bright and minimal design, using white internal building finishes with light wooden flooring.

Navy blue furnishing is used to bring a splash of colour and depth to the home resulting in a contemporary design that is modern yet homely.

Sieger Lux Casement Door with slim aluminium framing and a large clear glass pane

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living spaces have become extremely popular due to the calm atmosphere that natural light and fresh air brings.

Sieger slim sliding glass doors and large gable end windows used to create a glass wall in this modern home renovation
aluminium slim slider and gable end window creating an indoor-outdoor living space and allowing in a vast amount of natural light

Creating living spaces with this bond to nature is known as biophilic design and focuses on putting humans in tune with the natural world. Natural light is a significant part of this as it helps to put our bodies circadian rhythm in tune with natures. The use of natural wood flooring and maximising the natural light through slim framed aluminium glazing systems gives the space a strong connection to the outdoors. The flush threshold of the Sieger Slim Sliding Door means that when the doors are open the internal living space is merged with the outdoors, providing a seamless transition between the two spaces.

Invisio thermally broken structural glazing was used for the glass link to provide a space that maintains a comfortable living temperature all year round. This glazing solution is a popular choice for roof glazing and other structural glass applications due to it’s unique thermal efficiency and overall high performance.

To the side of the newly renovated home is a Sieger Lux Casement Door used as another entrance point. The large clear glass pane and dark slim aluminium framing complement the surrounding traditional brickwork, contrasting slightly for a modern touch.

When a home benefits from a stunning garden space filled with a variety of plants that creates a breathtaking view, you want to make the most of it. Looking out into the garden from the internal living space, there are clear uninterrupted views of the outdoors thanks to the minimal framing of Siegers glazing systems. With an ultra-slim sightline of just 20mm, the vertical profile is barely noticeable.

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