State of the Art Fabrication

Every Sieger product is expertly fabricated at our state of the art fabrication factory in Buckinghamshire. Our current fabrication factory is brand new, with the space being built from the ground up with our specific fabrication needs in mind. 

Spilt over two floors this modern factory utilises the latest advances in CNC machinery and technology to create our aluminium window and door systems. Each product is made bespoke to each project requirement and specification. 

Once cut and prepped each window and door is finished by hand. This allows us to provide a custom finish to every commission and ensure the the quality of the systems we produce. 


sieger state of the art manufacturing facility producing high quality aluminium glazing systems

Quality Processes for a Quality Finish

We believe that quality has to be built into every stage of our fabrication process in order to produce a quality finish. Quality processes and procedures are in place at every stage of fabrication, from design to storage to cutting and beyond.

By building in our unique quality process into the fabrication of our systems we help ensure a quality finish and efficient lead and delivery times.

We welcome visits to our factory to see how we create our individual aluminium window and door products. Visits to the factory must be booked in advance so that we can ensure your safety. Contact the team if you would like to arrange a visit.

two slim framed aluminium casement window from sieger systems
sieger aluminium framed roof lantern with open corner slim sliding doors


Our factory produces aluminium windows and doors for modern building projects all over the UK. All systems undergo rigorous testing and multiple quality control checks in our state of the art manufacturing facility by a team of skilled professionals. This offers builders and developers peace of mind and means you get your entire window or door product from one trusted source.

Our glazing systems are installed by one of our glazing partners depending on the size and location of the project. Our glazing partners manage and run the installation process, offering a high level of quality and precision as your glazing will be installed by a team of expert glaziers. 

We are here to help. Contact us for Quotations, Technical Information, General Information and more.

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