The Sieger Lux and Super Lux Bifolding Doors have been in the press

From the Times newspaper through to magazine features


The Times newspaper frequently publishes a ‘Bricks & Mortar’ feature which discusses the latest news and innovation in the construction and architectural design industries. Sieger were mentioned in an article called ‘the doors that are dividing opinion’ which showcased the Sieger Super Lux Bifolding Door. Bifolding doors are ever evolving to meet modern design and performance requirements and there’s no better example of this than the Sieger Super Lux Bifolding Door which not only offers elegantly slim frames but an impressive height of up to 5 metres tall.


These heights are achievable with the aluminium bifolding frames, because aluminium is a strong material, which is underlined in the article: “As aluminium frames are stronger than PVC frames, they can be made slimmer and taller. For example, the Sieger Super Lux Bifolding Door by Sieger Systems claims to be the world’s tallest bifold, reaching up to 5m”.


Exterior bifold doors are designed to build a strong connection between the internal and external living spaces, therefore it is important to choose a folding door that offers maximum connection to the outdoors – this could be through a flush threshold, slim framing or expansive heights of glass. The Sieger Super Lux Bifolding door can reach impressive heights which results in tall elevations of glass for ground-breaking architectural designs.

The Sieger Lux Bifold Door was featured in Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine (the August Issue) in an article that looked at how to make the most of rooms that have a view worth capturing. When trying the make the most out of views, glazing systems need to be carefully considered to ensure that the views are beautifully framed.


The magazine feature read “create uninterrupted views with the slimmest thermally broken aluminium set of bifold doors to date. Sieger has launched the Sieger Lux collection … creating seamless transitions between your home and the great outdoors.” This new system is a ground-breaking system in modern architectural design, providing architects with a new possibility when it comes to minimalistic glazing systems. These aluminium doors are available to view at the Sieger showroom in Amersham – there is a full height (3-metre-tall) installation of the system. To arrange a showroom appointment simply email [email protected] or call 01494 722 882.


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