Launching the Sieger Lux Bifolding Doors

Slim framed bi-folding doors


The “Slimmest Bifolding Doors in the World”

The Sieger® Lux Bifolding Door is the slimmest aluminium framed bi-folding door available in the world! The slim frames offer a highly sophisticated, contemporary finish to architectural designs whilst providing outstanding thermal performance. They are the solution to creating groundbreaking architectural designs that really make an impact on the aesthetic properties of a project.

The thermally broken frames have a vent frame of only 30mm to achieve impressive sightlines; the glazing is then structurally bonded into the frames to further accentuate the slim design and performance. These bifolds can be manufactured to a maximum size of 3 metres high x 1.2 metres wide per pane, and as there isn’t a restriction to the number of bifolding glass panes, the system can be designed to fill large open apertures. This system has highly flexible design possibilities with corner opening and bi-parting configuration options as either an inward or outward opening design.

 Each aluminium framing profile of the Sieger® Lux Bifold Door is selected and engineered to offer a minimal and modern finish, whilst maintaining robust performance and quality standards. These contemporary bifolding doors achieve a Uw value from 1.6W/m2k, an Air Permeability rating of Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207 and Water Tightness of Class 7A to 9A in accordance with EN 12208.

Sieger Lux Bifold

A slim framed aluminium bifolding door offering exceptional design abilities for cutting edge architectural designs. This system has a flush threshold finish for seamless movement between the indoor and outdoor environments. 


The "Tallest Bifold Door in the World"

The Sieger® Lux Bifold Doors are available at a maximum height of 3 metres, for taller options the Sieger® Super Lux Bifold Door is available with design abilities of measuring up to 5 metres tall! These are the tallest bifolding doors available on the market and are based on the same slim profiles as the Lux Bifold Door. Due to the impressive height of the bifolds, the Sieger® Super Lux Bifold includes a sliding wind post between each bifolding pane. This additional frame support allows the bifolding doors to achieve heights of 3m to 5m tall without having to compromise on performance or design.

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