What to consider when choosing an entrance door

Entrance doors provide advanced functionality and security. Being one of the first things that any visitor will focus on, they are a key design feature in defining the exterior of a property.

Entrance doors can speak volumes about your home and choosing the right one is critical. There are many factors to consider when designing an entrance door such as glazing, security, colour and base material.

This article will touch on a few of the main factors to consider when choosing a front door.

Sieger entrance doors with and without glazing panel

Glazing options

Adding integrated glazed panels into an entrance door greatly helps to brighten up dark hallways. These can be configured in many ways, from the shape to the number or positioning of the panels. 

Triple glazing is standard for Sieger Entrance Doors, combined with aluminium’s high thermal performance this allows for larger glass panes without risking loss of heat.

Sieger have a side variety of glazing options available for entrance doors including horizontal glass panes, square tiles, a single panel and a double arch.

Door size

Historically, front doors took up the most minimal space possible to reduce heat loss. However, the introduction of techniques such as thermally broken frames, thermal cores and increased use of materials with an exceptionally strong thermal performance such as aluminium or triple glazed glass, has allowed far larger doors to be installed with minimal heat loss from the house.

For an impressive entrance, doors of up to 2.4m tall and 1.2m wide can be incorporated into the final look of a home’s entranceway.

Sieger grey entrance door without glazing

Base material and colour

An entrance door is one of the key features of the exterior aesthetic of a house, selecting an appropriate colour is a decision not to be taken lightly.

For aluminium doors such as the Sieger Grosvenor range, a much wider range of colours is typically available. As opposed to traditional painted doors, aluminium doors are coloured using a technique called powder coating, which allows the buyer to select a colour from the several hundred included in the RAL spectrum.

Another thing to consider when choosing the base material of your entrance door is the environment, aluminium is 100% recyclable and also has high thermal insulation, resulting in aluminium being an environmentally friendly door.

Maintenance is another factor to consider when choosing the door’s base material. Aluminium doors require considerably less maintenance than uPVC and timber doors and doesn’t rust, unlike steel.



Sieger white entrance door with vertical glazing panel
green Sieger entrance door with vertical glazing panel


It’s not only about the aesthetics of the design that you need to consider – a key component of your front door should be security.

Designs using multiple internal locking bolts are becoming increasingly common, as are unconventional locking methods that deviate away from a standard key, including key cards and biometric locks that scan fingerprints and use face recognition. Sieger entrance doors come with 10-point locking bolts integrated in the door as standard, making it significantly more secure than traditional doors with only one or two bolt systems.

Choosing ironmongery

Once the right door has been designed, the finishing touches such as letterboxes, door handles and knockers can make or break the overall feel.

Sieger offers a wide range of ironmongery defined by three classes: contemporary, classic and heritage. Any door accessories can be matched with any of our entrance doors, helping to create a bespoke door that represents your home.

Sieger glass balustrade system on internal stairs

The base colour and material for an entrance door should reflect three main factors; the overall style of the property, the surrounding landscape or cityscape and the materials used to build the rest of the property.

The overall style of the property

All properties have their own unique personality and style, something that needs to be considered when choosing a front door. This spans a huge spectrum, whether it be a minimalist, contemporary look with a clean angular profile or a historical aesthetic with defining characteristics pertaining to the era in which it was built.

The surrounding landscape or cityscape

Properties in rural areas might want to use materials that link the design with the surrounding nature such as stone or timber, alternately the designer may choose to create a contrast with a more modern glass look.

Sieger have front doors specially created for certain aesthetics, such as the cottage style rural doors and the contemporary entrance door range.

The materials used to build the rest of the property

Aluminium front doors may be chosen to match existing aluminium windows. For homes that utilise large glass elevations, you might want to consider a block aluminium door that creates a solid contrast against the rest of the light-filled structure.


You need to know that the company you are buying from can give you expert advice on entrance doors and more, as experts in aluminium and glazing Sieger can offer this. Get in touch with our team today if you have any questions or to get a quote at [email protected].


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