Using aluminium windows for replacement glazing

Period properties are full of character and their original features are one of the main reasons why buyers choose them over new builds. With period homes, it can often take a lot of time to work out which products, materials, finishes and styles are allowed by the planning permission board at the local council, to turn a vision into a reality. But after overcoming these hurdles the end result is undoubtably rewarding.

The biggest challenges with period properties often comes when making changes or alterations to the original features of the property. The original features are charming, but with age comes wear and tear and there always comes a time when they need to be repaired or replaced with a suitable alternative. Aluminium windows are a popular choice for replacement glazing on heritage properties, keep reading to find out why.


The style of the replacement aluminium windows and doors

Sieger® systems are designed with a clean, minimalistic and sophisticated style that provide a non-obtrusive finish that suits almost any property, whether that’s a heritage property or a modern new build. In terms of appearance, Sieger® have several window and door products to achieve either a contemporary style or a traditional heritage look.


The Sieger Legacy range

Sieger® have taken inspiration from traditional steel framed windows and doors, with criss cross glazing bars, for the Sieger® Legacy range. Using aluminium, Sieger® designed this range to achieve the traditional aesthetic but at a lower price point, with enhanced performance and faster lead times. The legacy range offers a timeless design that has a full thermal break and hold double glazed units to provide exceptional thermal performance within the property.

They are available in many configurations, so when the Sieger Legacy range is used to replace existing glazing on a period property they can be manufactured to the same configuration as the original glazing.

The Sieger Legacy range is manufactured bespoke; therefore, the arrangement of the glazing bars can be designed to match any glazing bars that were on the existing glazing, or to create a new bespoke design; they can even be designed without glazing bars.



  Contemporary aluminium glazing systems


Sieger also have a range of contemporary glazing systems, including the award-winning Sieger slim casement window. This window is a modernised version of a traditional timber window that has been developed to create a greater glass to frame ratio, more practical weather protection and a longer life span. This window can be side hung, top hung or fixed, with double glazing as standard.

This slim aluminium window has a square edge detail on both the frame and glazing bead to maintain a minimalistic profile, making the opening look large and clean. As with the Sieger Legacy system, the Sieger slim casements can be finished in any RAL colour, timber effect PPC, anodised or dual colour. The timber effect finish is excellent for projects that are looking to maintain a traditional timber window aesthetic.

The Sieger 70 Window is another suitable option for replacement glazing as the flush finish of the opening window means that the sash sits neatly inside the window frame without any overlapping frames which are often synonymous with aluminium windows. This window has a hidden tilt and turn opening which can fill large openings to increase the level of light within period properties.



Security performance and integral strength

Aluminium became one of the most popular building materials after its unique qualities were discovered during the industrial revolution. Aluminium is an incredibly strong metal that is light weight and fairly easy to extrude. This means that it’s a great material for window and door frames as the sightlines can be slim without compromising on security or performance; in fact, the Sieger slim casement windows have exceptional sightlines of just 66mm and are PAS 24 certified.

With Sieger systems you can find glazing products that replicate the existing glazing of a property to maintain the original theme while bringing a new lease of life. It is also said that the locking mechanisms of aluminium framed windows are preferred by insurance companies as they tend to be more secure than timber windows.


Sieger frames are available in a huge selection of colours

Sieger are able to manufacture their systems in a wide selection of colours and finishes, including over 200 standard RAL. If planning permission states that the frame finishes need to be in keeping with the original glazing, normally a match can be achieved by it is best to check this with the technical team at Sieger while discussing your project with them.

Dan Bear, Sieger Factory Director, advises “For a period property the colour should be carefully considered as some period properties require planning permission, therefore it’s best to ensure it meets the requirements on the planning permission before we start the manufacture process. Usually, any replacement windows or doors are required to match the original building. Our systems can be finished in many RAL colours and even finished with a wood grain effect PPC to achieve an authentic appearance”.


The RAL colours are applied in a Polyester Powder Coat (PPC), which is extremely hard wearing and lasts for years, without any need for touch-ups or regular maintenance (unlike traditional timber windows). With traditional timber windows the homeowner needs to clean and apply a fresh coat of paint onto the frames every few years to ensure the timber remains protected from water and UV damage; however, aluminium frames only require cleaning when desired.

At the Sieger glazing showroom there is a RAL colour wall to help homeowners and/or architects choose the colour they desire for the frames. It’s also possible to send colour samples to the homeowner so they can see what the colour will look like in-situ. Simply contact the Sieger technical team who will be able to help with colour samples.

For more information about choosing the right products for replacement glazing in period properties, contact our technical team or book a showroom visit where you can discuss your project in person and see the Sieger systems.

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