A Guide to Design Options for Metal Framed Internal Glass Doors

Choosing the right internal glass door for your project can greatly change the design and feel of an interior space.

With a rise in the popularity of broken-plan living spaces aluminium framed glass doors are fast becoming a popular choice to separate living areas whilst offering the appearance of an open-plan space. Internal doors made from glass have the unique advantage over other internal door systems, being transparent they are able to offer an open plan feel but with the ability to segregate areas of a building.

With advances in interior glazing, interior glass doors can now be designed with a range of configurations and specifications to meet any needs. Read on to find out about the various design options available for your project.

Sieger internal glass door, internal glazing

Bespoke Design

Aluminium framed internal glass doors come with a range of finishes and glazing options. The metal framing can be finished in simple monochrome colours (such as black and white) for a classic internal design but can also be finished with any RAL colour.

Further design flexibility is offered with a range of specialist finishes, such as metallic silvers and bronze colours.

The glass itself within these interior doors can be bespoke as well. Clear glass is often the preferred design choice for a seamless interior design. However, tinted glass, decorative interlayers or smokey glass are all popular design options.

Privacy can be achieved through the use of translucent glass or more traditional reeded/fluted glass designs.

When it comes to interior glazing you really want the glass doors to be a complementary part of the interior scheme. All frame finishes, handles and glass colours can be specified to suit the design.


Slim Lightweight Frames

Aluminium framed internal doors have a lightweight design. They are lighter than both steel and timber internal doors making visual connections between rooms more fluid.

The metal door frames can be made extremely slim (from just 18mm) which helps to maximise light flow between rooms. Integrating internal glass doors into projects creates a natural flow between interior spaces and helps to make these spaces appear brighter and more spacious.

Internal glass pivot door
Steel look internal glass door
Sieger internal glass door, internal glazing

Maintenance and Durability

A huge advantage of aluminum framed doors is that they do not rust and are resistant to corrosion and decay, making them Extremely low maintenance. The more traditional wooden interior doors need to be repainted, resealed or varnished frequently. This means aluminum framed doors will look new for years to come.

This ability to withstand various environments mean that this metal framed interior doors are very well suited for internal pool, bathroom or home spa areas with high moisture or chemical content in the atmosphere. Timber or steel internal doors cannot be used in these areas due to their inability to withstand these environments.

Metal framed interior doors are normally finished with a PPC in the RAL colour of the designers choice which is extremely hard wearing and lasts for years, without any need for touch-ups or regular maintenance (unlike traditional timber doors).


Steel Look Designs

Steel internal doors are extremely popular in interior design. The classic metal framed style is timeless and offers interiors and immediate sense of high design and luxury.

However, steel internal doors have inherent issues with cost, longevity, and weight.

By incorporating glazing bars across the face of your aluminum framed internal door you can create the appearance of a steel door without any of the technical draw backs.

The glazing bars can be applied to the metal doors in any design required.



The MIRO internal glass door from Sieger is available in a range of opening types. This incudes pivoting, hinged, sliding and bifolding. Fixed partitions are also possible for a full interior glass design.

If you are interested in using the MIRO internal glass doors on your project, please get in touch with the team. They are available on a supply only basis or with installation from one of our exclusive glazing partners.

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