Why Choose Sieger’s Glass Balustrade System?

Frameless glass balustrades can be used for private and public spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Using balustrades on external balconies or terraced areas offers a contemporary minimal finish to building with no obstruction of the view. Having them in line with windows maximizes light entering the property.

Balustrades can also be used along interior staircases and for internal level changes to create the illusion of more space, and it doesn’t obstruct light flow between internal spaces.

Many companies sell ‘glass balustrades’ but it is important that you understand what you are getting when choosing a glass balustrade. Is your supplier providing you with the right solution?

Sieger glass balustrade system on internal stairs

What Glass Specification is being Used?

Glass balustrades should be made from toughened laminated glass. This is required for building regulations and to satisfy the load and safety requirements of a balustrade. All Sieger Balustrades include toughened glass that is also laminated as standard.

The glass in Sieger’s balustrades is either 8+8mm TXD or 10+10mm TXD depending on your line load requirements and budget.


Is the glass frameless?

Using posts and chunky handrails is a cheap way to create a glass balustrade. The Sieger Balustrade is frameless. Thanks to our glass specifications no handrail is needed at the top. No posts are needed between panes and the base fixing can be completely hidden by the building finishes.


Is the balustrade inside or outside?

Sieger’s interior glass balustrades are laminated with PVB. Exterior Balustrades are either laminated with PVB and have a capping, or they are laminated with SGP which is a strong ionoplast interlayer.

Sieger glass balustrade system on internal stairs
Sieger glass balustrade system on an external balcony

Clear or low iron glass?

Sieger balustrades are available with both. Low Iron Glass is more expensive however it has a much clearer glass structure with no green tint visible through the glass. This means thick units of this glass can be layered together for use in structural glass assemblies and maintain the clear nature of glass.


What finishes are available for the fixings?

If the fixing is left exposed, our channels can be finished in any RAL colour. Sieger also offers a matching continuous head capping if it is desired. Many companies just offer one colour or stainless steel which may not suit the design of some projects.


What is the line load performance of the Sieger balustrade?

The Sieger Balustrade System has been tested for line loads up to 3kN which makes it suitable for use in private and public spaces.


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