Advantages of Oversized Sliding Glass Doors

What is oversized glazing?


A glass pane is classed as oversized when the glass panel exceeds 2.4m in both height and width.

The Sieger Slim Sliding Door can reach widths of 2.5m and heights of 3m, and the Sieger XL Sliding Door can reach widths and heights of 4m so both of these glazing systems can be specified as oversized glazing.

Oversized glazing is possible on most aluminium sliding doors as they are supported at both the head and the base.

It is important to keep the measurements for glazing in mind when measuring drawings and looking at pricing as oversized glass is more expensive.


large sliding glass patio doors
There are many advantages to using oversized glazing such as uninterrupted views, increased natural light entering the property and passive solar gain.


Uninterrupted views

Large panes of glass paired with ultra slim sightlines offers uninterrupted, panoramic views of the outdoors, as well as providing a minimal and modern design.

The Sieger Slim Sliding Door has slim sightlines of just 20mm and the Sieger XL Sliding Door has a sightline of 25mm.


More natural light

Larger panes mean less frame is necessary and so floods of uninterrupted natural light is able to enter a property.

Natural light is not only beneficial for your health but can help to make the interior living spaces appear bigger.


Less heat lost through air leakage

As heat can be lost through air leakage where the glass and the frame meet, fixed glazing tends to lose less heat and larger glazing units tend to leak less air per unit area.

Our Sieger XL Sliding Doors come with insulated triple glazing as standard and all aluminium frames have a thermal break.



large glass sliding patio doors
large sliding glass patio doors

Indoor-outdoor living

Using large panes of glass with minimal framing, means that the indoor and outdoor spaces can be merged, not only when the doors are open but also when they are closed.

When the sliding doors are opened it can create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior living spaces, effortlessly achieving an indoor-outdoor style of living.


Passive solar gain

Using oversized glazing on the exterior of a property can help homes feel warmer on sunny days.

The infrared rays form the sun can penetrate through the glazing and be absorbed by furniture and materials which will then emit longer infrared rays and warm the space.

Solar control glass can be used on south facing glazing unit to prevent the interior space from getting too warm.

Having large panes of glass may seem like they would be difficult to keep clean, however, we offer low maintenance glass.

Low maintenance glass has a coating applied to the outside of the internal or external pane which fills in microscopic pores in the glass, creating an extremely smooth surface.

This means it is more difficult for dirt to stick to the glass and liquids tend to run straight off of it. Specifying this coating means the glazing won’t need to be cleaned as often and cleaning times will be greatly reduced.


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large sliding glass patio doors

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