How to Check a Property Is Suitable For Corner Opening Bifolds

Corner opening bifolds are sure to make a statement in any home design, granting seamless garden access and encouraging paths of natural light to flow through the home.

Forging a strong connection between inside and outside areas, our range of slim framed aluminium bifolds are designed for an indoor outdoor style of living, allowing the maximum amount of glass possible with the least intrusive framework.

Bifolding doors come in many configurations and finishes and our systems are tailored to each project’s specific requirements, meaning your result is completely bespoke.

The first important factor when considering corner opening bifolds is to ensure you work with a builder/developer who has experience in cantilevered steelwork. This is imperative to the structure of your opening elements, expertise in this area will greatly reduce the chance of any mistakes or delays in the process.

Installation of cantilevered steelwork is essential as this is engineered to hold the weight of the roof above the doors. Installing cantilevered steelwork around the door opening makes the need for a supporting post redundant, allowing for a completely open aperture when open.

corner opening bifold doors

Glass details

There are a number of factors that need to be considered to determine whether a fixed post is required on the outside of a corner opening configuration. The factors to consider could include glass weight, frame size, location of installation and existing roof/house structure.

If the opening elements are replacing a door or window with a larger width than the new installation, the existing lintel will support the installation.

All the Sieger® bifold door systems are fully thermally broken as standard; this means that they are high performing and highly thermally insulated when used as external doors.

Corner opening bifolds are generally used externally, to better connect homeowners to their garden areas and increase useable space. However, there is no reason an internal installation of this type wouldn’t be possible and we would be happy to be involved in the specification process of an internal system.

Due to our installations being bespoke each time, we can ensure all bifolds are perfectly suited to your project requirements. An opening corner bifold can come in a number of configurations, including a different number of panes on each side of the corner. Giving an asymmetrical appearance could inject a modern design twist.

The Sieger® Legacy bifold doors are a true competitor for steel systems, with the additional benefits of using aluminium. Glazing bars are available as a decorative feature on these systems, perfect for a modern art deco design.



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Corner open bifolds

Cost of corner-opening bifolds

A common misconception is that corner opening bifolds would have to be at a 90 degree angle; this is not the case and we would work with designs to adapt and create the best angle to suit any given space.

When specifying corner opening bifolds, a frequently asked question is will this dramatically affect the cost in comparison to a project with a standard bifolding door. The cost of incorporating a corner design is primarily affected by the number of panes required.

If you are using double the amount of panes as you would in a single opening element then the cost would be doubled. Size is a key factor when considering costs, size of glass panes must be taken into consideration as well as the cost of labour and whether a corner post is required for support.

If large sizes are desired, the Sieger® Lux Bifold can reach impressive sizes of up to 3m tall and 1.2m wide per panel. This system boasts slim sightlines of just 30mm over the profile widths for uninterrupted, free flowing light. Where floor to ceiling glass is required the Sieger® Super Lux Bifold is also available, with maximum pane sizes of an incredible 5m tall and 1.2m wide.

Speak to one of the experts at Sieger® if you are considering a corner opening in your next project. Get in touch at [email protected] or call 01494722882.

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