How to Specify Low Maintenance Glazing

Large glazing elevations create a stunning design from both inside and outside the home. When it comes to building materials, glass is extremely easy to clean and the only disadvantage is that dirt will show up quicker on glass than brick.

When it comes to frame material, aluminium requires far less maintenance than steel or timber, as it has natural corrosion and rust resistant properties. This makes aluminium a popular choice for windows and doors in a home.

In areas where the glazing is subject to harsh conditions, for example a coastal environment, keeping the glazing clean and clear may be more challenging and low maintenance glass may be the right choice.  

A low maintenance coating is another way to lower the frequency of the cleaning required. This coating creates an extremely smooth glass surface, making it difficult for dirt and debris to cling to.

low maintenance glass like on this structural glazing requires less cleaning thanks to the extremely smooth surface

What does low maintenance mean?

In reference to glazing, low maintenance can refer to the frequency at which it needs to be cleaned, but also to tasks such as repainting and reapplying protective coatings.

Timber needs special attention to ensure the wood is not damaged by the elements, as timber is vulnerable to being warped by the wet weather. Timber frames also often need repainting as the paint wears and peels over time.

Steel can be susceptible to rust and corrosion, so steel framed glazing often needs special care to ensure it has a long and dutiful lifespan. These systems must be checked and treated regularly.

Glass is excellent at providing clear views of the outdoors and letting in an abundance of natural light, however, when dirty glass panes can become smeared.

This is where specifying low maintenance glass, which has a coating applied to the outer face of the external pane, can be extremely useful.

three pane aluminium bifold door and large fixed casement window with low maintenance coatings to create easy clean glass
three pane aluminium bifold door and up and over structural glazing eaves window and roof glazing

What is low maintenance glass?

The surface of glass, although smooth to the touch, actually has microscopic dips in it that enables dirt and dust to stick to it. Low maintenance glass is glass that has a microscopic coating on the outer face of the external pane of glass.

This ultra-thin coating fills in the dips to create an extremely smooth surface and without any texture it is very difficult for dirt to stick to. Glass with a low maintenance coating is often referred to as low maintenance glass.

It is important to note, this coating does not mean that the glass does not need cleaning at all, but significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning needed and makes cleaning an easier and quicker process.

Many glazing companies will refer to low maintenance glass as ‘self-cleaning glass’, although these two are not the same.

Self-cleaning glass claims to have cleaning fluid in the coating which when combined with rainfall, cleans the window without any help from individuals. Although this coating sounds ideal, it is not without its disadvantages.

It is important to know exactly what you are getting from your glazier and the experienced team of professionals at Sieger are on hand to help with any queries you may have.

For roof glazing, having rooflights at a slope makes it easier for rainwater to wash away any dirt and debris that settles on the surface.

Sieger recommends a minimum pitch of at least 5 degrees on most rooflights, although this can range depending on the type of roof glazing system.

The smaller the pitch on roof glazing, the more likely it is that dirt will be able to settle on top and therefore the more often it will need cleaning.

The advantage to incorporating a wide range of glazing within a home include maximising natural light, which provides a whole host of health benefits, both physically and mentally.

Glazing also help to forge a strong connection to nature and with biophilic design on the rise this is sought by many homeowners.

The only disadvantage to having a vast amount of glazing, or oversized glazing systems can be the maintenance, but with these steps and advice from the dedicated team at Sieger, we can ensure you get the right glazing for your project.


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top hung aluminium casement window on a luxury new build home

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