Using Glazing to Incorporate Biophilic Design Into Your Home

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilic design draws on the natural world and incorporates natural elements into urban spaces. It seeks to strengthen human’s genetic connection to the outside world.

Key elements of biophilic design include colours such as greens and earth tones, natural light, house plants and use of natural building materials. These can be integrated into the interior design, used for the building’s exterior or in the actual building construction.

This design style has grown rapidly in popularity over the last couple of years, both in homes and commercial spaces such as offices. It’s all about bringing nature inside and forging that connection to the natural world.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through large glazing elevations such as oversized sliding glass doors or floor to ceiling windows.

aluminium slim sliding glass doors with glazing bar for an industrial style steel look aesthetic and house plants in a modern home extension - displaying elements of biophilic design

What Are the Benefits of Biophilic Design?

The connection between humans and nature that has existed for thousands of years has started to get lost with all the large cities and block buildings.

Incorporating biophilic design into any property can have huge benefits, both physically and mentally. Studies show that by using glazing such as large windows, the views of nature can aid heart rate recovery from low-level stress, such as from working in an office environment.

As many people’s homes have become their workplaces over the last year, the advantages of biophilic design in office environments are applicable to home spaces as well.

Bringing the natural world into urban settings can help to reduce stress levels, increase productivity and boost creativity levels. It also works towards creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

double height window design and large sliding glass doors that allows in vast amounts of natural light whilst providing clear views of the nature outdoors
biophilic design in a home shown with houseplants and warm earth tones such as brown that represent nature

Glazing and Biophilic Design

Glazing is an easy way to incorporate biophilic design into your home. Natural light is a huge factor in forging a strong connection with nature and a key element of this style.

External glazing systems from Sieger systems with minimal framing and large glass panes allow in a vast amount of natural light, brightening internal living spaces and helping occupants circadian rhythm to sync with the natural sunrise and sunset.

Internal glazing systems can help light flow through a home, brightening rooms without electric lighting.

Oversized glazing, such as the Sieger XL Sliding Door, combined with minimal aluminium frames offer uninterrupted views of the outdoors, especially when glass to glass corners or corner opening configurations are used.

Any windows, doors or rooflights that have unobstructive framing can provide stunning views of nature and the sky. These views are a key element of biophilic design and bring with them many of the benefits previously mentioned.

Decorative Glazing and Biophilic Design

Glass solutions such as windows, doors and rooflights can be further utilised for biophilic design through use of decorative interlayers.

Colour is another key element of this design style, by mimicking colours from nature such as green or warm earth tones it helps to being the feeling of nature into the interior design.

Internal glazing can also use decorative nature themed interlayers such as prints or unique interlayers using materials like grass and flowers. This can turn the internal glazing into a nature themed art piece in the home.   

biophilic design incorporated into a luxury holiday villa with internal courtyard with plants and corner opening slim sliding glass doors
contemporary glass extension on an English cottage with invisio glass roof and large houseplants to create a strong connection to nature

How Sieger Can Help

Sieger glazing systems have minimal framing which fits in perfectly with the key elements of biophilic design.

The Sieger XL sliding door can reach impressive sizes of 4m tall or 4m wide, these large clear glass panes with slim aluminum frames allow vast amounts of natural light into internal living spaces whilst providing unobstructed views of the nature outdoors.

Many of our external glass door systems have the option of a flush threshold which allows a smooth transition between the interior and exterior spaces when the doors are open.

Biophilic design focuses on recreating that bond and strengthening the modern human’s connection with the natural world. Having the option to merge these areas to create one large indoor-outdoor space helps to bring the outside in.


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