Patio Doors for Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

In recent years there has been a growing trend of indoor-outdoor living spaces, especially the past year where many people have spent more time in their home than ever before and in turn have sought to create a more enlightening living space.

Winter may seem like an odd time to be thinking about spending time outside in your garden, but in fact now is the perfect time to start planning so you can have the space ready for when the warmer weather comes.

There are many factors to consider when deciding which patio doors are right for you and which will give you the most seamless transitions between the interior and exterior.

What do you want to achieve with these doors? How much space is there? Do you want a flow between the indoors and outdoors or a complete merge?

When the warmer weather comes you can open up the large patio doors and eat inside with the benefits of shade and being close to the kitchen, with additional ventilation and a feeling of being outside.

three pane schuco bifold door with traffic door and an outdoor seating area

Which door should I choose?



Sometimes referred to as folding patio doors or sliding folding doors, bifolding doors are an excellent option for a patio door.

Not only can they open up to allow a seamless transition between the inside of the home and outdoors but with modern advances in architectural glazing, these systems can now offer beautiful views without the thick frame.

The in-house design team at Sieger have engineered the Sieger Lux Bifold Door to be one of the slimmest bifolds on the market with a profile width of just 30mm.

Sieger also have the tallest bifold door on the market, with our Sieger Super Lux Bifold reaching staggering heights of 5m.



Designed to push architectural boundaries, aluminium sliding doors can now be designed to fill extremely wide structural openings.

Sliding doors can have exceptionally slim sightlines, with the Sieger Slim Sliding Door achieving a sightline of just 20mm.

One issue some individuals may have with sliding doors is that when open and the doors are stacked, these is still one panes width blocking the way.

This means that for project with smaller structural openings, bifold or casement doors may be a better option.

However, our slim sliding glass doors can be designed as pocket doors to allow a complete merge between spaces. Sliding invisibly into hidden wall cavities to reveal a completely open aperture, this configuration delivers the clearest structural opening.

Whether or not this is right for your project depends on the building structure, as a cavity will be needed for the doors to slide in to.



Casement doors, also known as French doors, have been a popular choice for patios since the 1990s. They have a timelessly elegant design that will never go out of fashion.

The Legacy Casement Door and Sieger Casement Doors can be inward or outward opening.

The option of additional glazing bars on our Legacy Casement Doors mimic the industrial aesthetic of traditional steel framed glazing.

Glazing bars and slim frames make the Legacy Casement System perfect for modern steel replacement glazing.

steel look casement patio doors with outdoor seating area
steel look casement patio doors open with outdoor seating area
large aluminium bifold doors open to merge living room and external decking
aluminium bifold doors in a corner configuration open to merge living room and external decking




Both the Sieger Sliding Door Systems and Sieger Bifolding Doors can be designed in a corner configuration.

Depending on the building structure and weight of the roof, this configuration can be used to achieve a ‘floating roof’ when the doors are open.



Biparting configurations for sliding and bifolding doors allow for larger structural openings to be filled.

For example, with the Sieger XL Sliding Door, the system has a maximum width of 4m per pane and can be up to three tracks, filling an opening of 12m.

However, by using a biparting configuration this can be doubled.


Casement with sidelights

Both the Sieger Casement Door and Legacy Casement Door are extremely flexible in design.

They can open inwards or outwards, be a single or double door and have matching fixed window systems that can be fitted around the doors for increased outdoor views and natural light.


Frame finishes


All aluminium framing used for Sieger Systems can be finished with a PPC in any RAL colour, there are also specialised finishing options such as anodizing.

This means the patio doors can be designed to match the design of any existing building exterior.

Some may choose the have the frames a similar colour to the rest of the building so the doors blend seamlessly into the walls.

Other may choose to have contrasting colour, for example, a black frame that stands out against a white exterior of a property.

There is a wide range of Sieger Window Systems available to match all of our doors, which can be polyester powder coated in the same colour as the doors for a coherent and uniform looks across the exterior of the house.

There are many factors to consider when choosing which patio doors are right for you. Some of these factors include weather protection, drainage options and the appearance of the doors when they are closed throughout the colder months.

These factors can be discussed with the glazing experts at Sieger to ensure your patio doors are perfectly suited to your individual requirements.

There are many other ways to create an indoor-outdoor style of living, including echoing design elements throughout the garden and internal living spaces, following a biophilic design or simply creating a flow with greenery.

These ideas will be something the client, architect or interior designer will be in charge of, before Sieger provides the glazing option to best suit the environment.


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sieger lantern rooflight with pvb interlayer on inner pane

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