Launching the new Sieger Lux Bifold Door

Have you ever wished that you could achieve the minimal sightlines that you can with sliding doors? Well, the search is over. The new Sieger Lux bifolding door is the slimmest bifold on the market with profile widths of only 30mm!

This is the latest advancement in bifolding door systems, designed to push the boundaries of modern architecture. With this slim bifold door, you can fill large apertures (as there isn’t a maximum number of panes) for impressive elevations of glazing. The exceptionally slim frames offer minimal visual interruption, so are ideal for indoor – outdoor living concepts.

One of the main features that make this system unique is the structurally bonded glazing that allows the frames to be so slim. The structurally bonded glass in these bifolding doors can be manufactured to a thickness of 32mm which creates a high performing system when combined with the fully thermally broken frames.

What are the main specifications of the Sieger Lux Bifold?



The slim framed bifold is available in either inward or opening configurations and can be bi-parting or with a pocket door. It’s also available in a corner opening configuration, but with this configuration the bifolds need to be inward opening on a concave corner and outward opening on a convex corner.

Available up to 3m tall this bifolding door is the finishing touch to any contemporary architectural design. Each leaf has a maximum width of 1.2m but there isn’t a maximum number of panes that can be installed, therefore the doors can stretch across exceptionally wide apertures. During the warmer months the doors can be completely folded to one side to remove the barrier between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Not only is this bifold the slimmest in the world but it also provides outstanding thermal performance that is competitive for such a minimalistic frame. The Sieger Lux bifold has an air permeability Class 4, water tightness class 7A to 9A and a Uw value from 1.6 W/m²K.

 Looking for the world’s tallest bifolding door?


Not only does Sieger have the slimmest bifolding door but they also have the worlds tallest bifold. The Sieger Super Lux bifold door is the tallest bifold on the market that reaches an impressive 5m height.

Thanks to the stabilising wind post that has been installed between the frames of each pane, the ultra slim bifolding door has been upgraded to achieve heights from 3m – 5m.

For more information on bifolding doors and which one is best for your project, check out our technical advice article on the best bifolding doors.

The Sieger lux bifolding door is installed at the Sieger glazing showroom in Amersham. It’s installed in a 3 pane configuration reaching its maximum height of 3m tall. You can view the bifold in the showroom by booking an appointment, simply contact us to arrange your visit.

Find out more about the Sieger Super Lux bifold here.

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