Bifold Doors With Flush Thresholds

Bifold doors are a very popular choice when helping to create an indoor-outdoor living space as they can open entire walls of the home.

These living spaces are preferred without a step, for a seamless transition, which can be created by using a flush threshold with an integrated drainage system to keep the doors weatherproof.

The right base option for your project will depend largely on the location of the bifolds. In exposed areas, a rebate can be beneficial, to prevent water entering the property.

Flush thresholds have no rebate and allow complete accessibility and a smooth transition between interior and exterior living spaces.

corner opening aluminium bifold doors with a flush threshold creating an indoor-outdoor space

Choice of Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are the perfect choice when wanting to merge internal and extern living spaces to create a large indoor-outdoor living space.

Sieger Systems has a range of bifolding doors available including the Sieger 120 Bifold Door and Sieger Legacy Bifold Door, both of which have slightly thicker sightlines, are well suited to more traditional or industrial style home aesthetics.

For a more minimal and modern bifold door, our Sieger Lux Bifold Door is the slimmest aluminium bifold on the market with profile widths of just 30mm, and the Sieger Super Lux Bifold is one of the tallest bifolding doors on the market reaching heights of up to 5m.

All of Sieger’s bifolding doors have either a low-level threshold or a step-free, flush threshold. Flush thresholds are much more popular due to the increase in popularity for indoor-outdoor living spaces.

three bane bifold door with dark bold frames in a contemporary kitchen extension
luxury garden room with grey framed aluminium bifold doors

Which Threshold is Right for Your Project?

There are two main threshold options available for Sieger bifolding doors, the rebate with a low-level threshold or a flush threshold.

Flush thresholds offer a completely smooth transition between the inside and out, which can be a problem for some bifolding doors as they do not have a rebate track, meaning the optimal weather performance cannot be guaranteed.

Systems in exposed areas or environments with extremely high water and wind loads would benefit from a rebate. This is a slight upstand that prevents water from entering the property and creates a small step.

Sieger bifold doors have all been tested and are weather resistant. Integrated drainage options have been engineered to cope with high rain levels in the UK.

Drainage for Bifolding Doors

Step free access is very possible for bifolding doors as we can integrate flush drainage options.

Having a flush threshold is ideal for wheelchair access and even for families, as the children are able to run between the indoors and out without encountering a step.

Designed with an integrated drainage system in the base, the Sieger Lux and Super Lux Bifolds don’t need a drain in front of the system for the water to run down into.

Water can permeate through the track and down into a drainage system below which is hidden neatly below the base track.

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traditional style English countryside home with large bifolding doors with aluminium frames from sieger

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