Cost Effective Solutions for Slim Framed Glazing

Many residential projects such as home extensions or new build homes have a tight budget to stick to. This means it is important to find ways to reduce costs in any areas.

Slim framed glazing such as windows, doors and rooflights are something that can take up quite a significant amount of a projects budget.

Glazing systems are not something that should be sacrificed when cuts need to be made as they can affect the overall performance of the building as well as the look of a home’s exterior and interior living spaces. They are also valuable tools when looking to reduce money spent on bills and increase a homes energy efficiency.

The influx of natural light provided by the glazing systems can alter the feel of internal living spaces and make spaces appear bigger.

This being said, there are certain ways to bring the costs of slim framed aluminium glazing down, this article will outline these options and explain how to specify them.

sieger slim sliding doors with applied glazing bars for a steel look aesthetic and gable end windows

Glass Specification

Specifying glazing with extra coatings such as solar control or low maintenance will increase the cost of the system. If you are working on a tight budget opting to not have any of these coatings off will help to keep costs down.

Double glazed external aluminium glazing systems are cheaper than triple glazed, although the increased thermal performance of triple glazing can help to save money on heating bills in the long run.

Low iron glass is another glazing option Sieger offer where the glass is specially engineered to be as clear as possible with no slight tint like standard glass has. Due to the complicated manufacturing process this incurs extra costs.

It is important to discuss with your architect and glazier to see which option is better for you. Factors such as size of the system, location and the homes overall energy efficiency will all have an effect.

Size of the glazing system will be the main decider in cost, the bigger the glazing solutions the higher in cost it will be, so opting for a smaller structural opening during the building process can help to reduce costs.

aluminium slim casement windows from sieger with the window unit made from side hung and fixed windows
oversized sliding glass door with ultra slim sightlines and minimal aluminium framing

Framing Material

Frame material is another huge factor to consider when specifying cost effective slim framed glazing.

Aluminium is lower in cost than steel, and if you prefer the look of steel framed glazing, the Siegers Legacy Range has aluminium windows, doors and a flush conservation rooflight that have all been designed to mimic the look of traditional steel glazing systems.

Aluminium framing has a range of finishing options from polyester powder coating, to anodising or a timber effect finish.

Many slim framed aluminium glazing systems will have standard finishes available, usually a polyester powder coating in a select range of colours at no extra cost, with the option to pay more for alternative or special finishes.

To keep costs down, choosing from the standard finishing options will prevent incurring extra costs.

Initial vs Long Term Costs

When it comes to looking at costs for slim framed glazing systems it is important to not only think about initial costs, but also costs over time.

For example, aluminium may cost more than uPVC initially, but over time aluminium requires less maintenance costs and tends to last longer, meaning it won’t need to be replaced as frequently as uPVC glazing systems.

As slim aluminium frames don’t need special cleaning or maintenance products, over time the money and time saved on maintaining the glazing system makes our aluminium systems a cost effective solution for slim framed glazing.

Aluminium framed glazing systems also have higher thermal performances than uPVC or timber glazing, meaning over time choosing aluminium glazing can help to reduce bills costs.

By selecting energy efficient glazing, this helps to reduce the need for heating within the home, as there is less heat loss through the glazing.

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contemporary home extension with a tall casement door and slim bifolding patio doors either side

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