Industrial Style Steel Look Glazing


Many Sieger systems are based around sleek, minimal and modern design aesthetics, however, the Legacy range is more tailored towards traditional steel look designs.

With the addition of glazing bars and the right choice of frame colour, these systems can be used to replace existing steel windows and doors or be designed to blend seamlessly with a traditional, industrial architectural style.

These glazing solutions include our Legacy Bifold Door, Legacy Casement Window and Legacy Conservation Rooflight. We believe that flexibility is key in design and our systems come in a range of configurations, with multiple finishes and glazing options.

slim sliding glass doors with glazing bars for an industrial style steel look aesthetic

Why choose aluminium over steel?

There are many benefits to using aluminium framed glazing over steel. Aluminium is more cost effective, requires less maintenance and isn’t as heavy.

Utilizing modern glazing technology, most aluminium frames now use a thermal break, unlike traditional steel framed glazing, making it thermally insulated.

The main advantage steel has over aluminium is the industrial style aesthetic. Sieger’s Legacy range now provides the best of both, using glazing bars and finishing options to create aluminium glazing solutions that mimic the steel look.

For more information on steel vs aluminium framed glazing check out our article that discusses the differences and benefits of each in more depth.

Sieger legacy casement door with sidelights and industrial style casement windows
steel look aluminium framed windows for a traditional industrial style design

Frame Colours

The best colour for your Legacy system will depend on the desired aesthetic and exiting building finishes.

For a steel look system, a dark grey frame works best at recreating the design and appearance of an existing steel window or door.

For projects looking to create the appearance of timber then a white powder coated frame is normally the most suitable but aluminium frames can be powder coated any RAL colour.

For a timber look window you could utilise a specially designed aluminium window with a PPC finish or timber effect finish. These windows are great at recreating the design of a traditional timber window but in an easy to maintain aluminium frame.

Most aluminium windows will have a range of design options available so that you can either recreate a traditional timber window design or create a more modern aluminium window with a timber effect.

The wide range of options allow you to exactly match the design and appearance you require for the Legacy glazing design.

Glazing Bar Designs

Glazing bars can be applied to an aluminium window or door systems in a variety of ways. The bars can be applied horizontally, vertically or even diagonally for a unique look.

This could be used to create a steel look window or door, a modern Bauhaus design or traditional timber style system.

The colour of your glazing bars should be powder coated to match the colour of your exterior frames so that the entire installation looks like one cohesive unit.

Another important design factor for an applied glazing bar design is to ensure that it looks as if the bar completely dissects the glass unit and goes all the way through the glazing.

You can do this by including spacer bars within the double or triple glazed units wherever a glazing bar is going to be applied. When the glazing bar is then applied to the surface of the glass it looks as though it is a ‘true’ glazing bar, which goes all the way through the glass.

legacy box at the sieger showroom with a steel look casement door and industrial style windows
aluminium steel look windows with white frames

Types of Windows and Doors

For a traditional steel look door system, a French door or Belgium door opening is very well suited. A French door opening refers to a double opening door that is hinged on either side of the opening. These doors can be inward or outward opening.

A Belgium door opening is a French door with fixed sidelights on either side of the opening. This type of door opening is best for larger apertures where the opening is larger than the maximum opening door size available.

For a more contemporary steel look design, we have a Legacy Bifold Door which is an excellent choice for any home. Our slim sliding door systems can also have glazing bars integrated into the design.

Our MIRO internal glazing systems can be deigned with applied glazing bars to create a steel look internal sliding or pivot door well suited to a traditional or industrial style interior.

When it comes to windows, we have the Sieger Legacy Casement Window and our Sieger Legacy tilt and Turn Window, both of which come in a range of sizes and configurations.

Traditional steel windows come in a wide variety of opening types which can easily be recreated using our aluminium frames.

Traditional Ironmongery

Sieger Legacy glazing systems have a range of traditional ironmongery options available for you to choose from.

This is especially applicable for steel look windows and doors which traditionally have a very specific design to their handles.

For the Sieger Legacy Casement Door there is a wide variety of handles to choose from, including an opera handle and an art deco style handle.

The Sieger Legacy Casement window has an astounding 11 handle designs to choose from. This means that these windows can be designed to suit any project type.

steel look sieger legacy bifold door with traffic door and cat flap
black framed sieger legacy steel look glazing systems in a home renovation

Legacy Glazing Systems

You can include traditional ironmongery and integrated glazing bars into any aluminium window or door to create that traditional industrial style.

However, the best effect can be achieved by using the Legacy systems which are specifically designed to offer a modern alternative to this type of glazing.

A Legacy glazing system will have framing profiles that are specifically designed to look like a traditional steel or timber window or door.

Our Legacy range also includes a Conservation Rooflight which has been engineered specifically for minimal disruption to the exterior of the property.


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