Modern Juliet Balcony Designs

Juliet balconies are shallow balconies on the upper floors of properties which have a safety railing usually made from metal, glass or a combination of the two.

These balconies don’t tend to have an external area beyond the doors and the balustrade is attached to the external building face. This means the doors used for this style of balcony need to be inward opening.

There are many designs for contemporary Juliet balconies, with a range of materials, doors and colours available to choose from. French doors are a popular style of door for this system.

These balcony styles are excellent for increasing natural light and air flow on higher floors, they don’t usually require any planning permission to be installed as the shallow nature of them means they don’t protrude from the building.

contemporary home with symetrical peaked towers and the read and a juliet balcony with french doors on both

Balustrade material


Metal Balustrades

Although metal balustrades may seem like a more traditional option for a Juliet balcony, it can be designed to suit a contemporary aesthetic.

Using sleek black metal bars can create a modern Juliet balcony design, encompassing the minimal element of modernism.

Designs can also be incorporated into the metal framing of the balustrade to achieve a range of desired looks.


Glass Balustrades with Metal Framing

One major disadvantage to using metal balustrades in a Juliet balcony design is the obstructed view and significant effect it can have on the overall exterior of a building.

Metal balustrades can look intrusive on a building exterior and it is more difficult to design one which blends into the building façade.

This is why many people opt for glass balustrades with a metal capping. Perhaps one of the most common balustrade types used in contemporary Juliet balcony designs is a combination of glass with a metal frame.



external view of double inward opening casement doors in a french door design with a frameless glass juliet balcony for a modern look
three pane black bifold door with tall fixed casement windows

Frameless Glass Balustrades

Many people are cautious about using frameless glass balustrades as they think they might not provide the same level of safety and protection.

Advances in glazing technology means glass can now be toughened and laminated to produce extremely strong glass panes with high performance levels.

The completely clear and frameless design is the epitome of modern and minimal balconies. The sleek minimal design does not interfere with the building exterior and the aluminium fixings can be finished with a PPC in any RAL colour.  

Using glass in a modern Juliet balcony design allows more freedom with design. Decorative glass such as coloured glass can be used, or other glazing options such as sandblasting may be desired for increased privacy.

Door designs

French doors are the most popular door choice for a modern Juliet balcony design. As Juliet balconies are extremely shallow, inward opening doors should always be used so they are not blocked by the balustrade.

Sliding doors or windows can also be specified in a Juliet balcony design. Although this combination isn’t as popular, it is the perfect choice for an oversized glazing look.

If bifold doors are desired for a Juliet balcony they must be inward opening as Juliet balconies are shallow and therefore do not have the room to open outwards.

Sieger’s range of casement doors can reach up to 1.4m per pane and can be used in conjunction with sidelights to fill wider structural openings.



Loft extensions are a common place to find Juliet balconies in a home, either on a flat side of the building exterior or on a dormer.

Loft extension rooms can sometimes lack space due to slanted roofs, a Juliet balcony with glass doors is the perfect way to increase the perceived size of the room and ensure natural light is maximised.

For upper floor bedrooms a Juliet balcony is a great way to bring a touch of luxury and elegance. 

contemporary juliet balcony design with sliding glass doors and a frameless glass balustrade
three pane sliding glass door and a frameless glass balustrade used in a modern juliet balcony design

The Sieger Juliet Balcony system is the perfect solution for contemporary buildings where a large door opening is desired on the upper floor levels to enhance ventilation levels and forge a stronger connection to the outdoor environment.

This system offers a strong protective barrier across the opening with a frameless finish for minimal visual interruption.

It is important to always get professional advice on the right height for a Juliet balcony and ensure that the glass is the correct standard for the job.


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