Sieger Super Lux Bifold Door

World’s Tallest Bifold Door


It is now possible to create thermally broken, aluminium bifolding doors up to 5m tall with the Sieger Super Lux Bifold Door. 

Based on the ultra slim Sieger Lux Bifold, the upgraded version can achieve extended heights of 3m to 5m thanks to the inclusion of a stabilising wind profile.

The Bifolding door system can then be used to create opening bifold doors to impressive heights.


Sightline: 144mm (across the double section of frame plus stabilising profile) 

Thermal Insulation: Uw values from 1.6 W/m2K 

Max. Sizes: heights from 3m to 5m, widths up to 1.2m wide per pane.

Configurations: No restriction on number of bi-folding panes, bi-parting openings possible, opening corners possible.

Glass Specification: maximum glass thickness 32mm, maximum weight 260kg per unit.

Weather Protection: Air Permeability Class 3, Water Tightness Class 7A to 9A.


This unique bifolding door system allows architects and specifiers to achieve the tallest bifolding door opening possible, whilst maintaining a modern and slim aluminium profile.

With the inclusion of the integrated supporting profile the bifolding door system can reach these impressive heights even in areas with extreme wind loading. Our technical calculation software can easily configure the bifolding door system based on the height required and the wind load of the specific project.

All locking is integrated into the slim bifolding door profile and each installation is provided with a high-volume integrated drain to deal with the high levels of water we get in the UK. 

The Super Lux Bifold is the next generation of aluminium bifolding door, pushing the boundaries of possibility for architects in the UK.



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