A Guide to Security Ratings

There are a range of security ratings that can be given to glazing systems such as PAS 24 or Secured by Design.

Sieger Systems undergo security testing, with PAS 24 being the most common testing method, to show resistance to forced entry.

But what do these different testing results actually mean? We are here to explain what your security rating means.

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PAS 24

PAS 24 security testing is the most advanced security testing method used on residential windows and doors. It is also the base testing method for windows and doors to be classed as ‘Secured by Design’.

All our windows and doors with PAS 24 accreditation go through a rigorous testing procedure at an independent testing facility.

The testing procedure is carried out to British Standard PAS 24 (previously known as BS 7950) and is designed to assess the security performance of external doors and windows by imitating frequent methods of attack or forced entry.

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Secured by Design

Another popular security rating for glazing systems is a police initiative called Secured by Design that encourages people to take extra safety measures with their windows or doors, such as heavy-duty bolts.

Specifications for Secured by Design vary by product, but all systems must have passed the PAS 24 security testing.

Laminated glass is often included in the specification for ground floor windows as it can help make glazing more resilient against intruders.

This tends to incur higher costs but for those concerned about the safety of their home, it can be a worthy addition to provide peace of mind.

Our manufacturing facility also has to be inspected by a third party to ensure that the manufacturing process and management of the facility are deemed to be performing to the highest possible standards.

This is to ensure that the manufacture of all of our windows and doors from the factory line will be uniform to the window and door set that was tested.

A WK2/RC2 standard is normal for most rear patio and access doors and shows that the doors or windows have been tested for protection against physical force and small tools such as a screwdriver, pliers or wedges.

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aluminium entrance door with side lights and a security camera for a high security home entrance
The European testing standard EN 1627 tests doors and windows against standard methods of forced entry under a time scale, determining how secure each window or door is in the event of forced entry.

The resulting RC or WK test result shows that these patio doors will provide protection against forced entry.

It is worth noting that all new build homes in England and Wales are required to use windows that have been tested to PAS 24:2012.

Fortunately, all Sieger System’s windows are fully tested and adhere to the rigorous requirements of PAS 24 testing.

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