Maximising Natural Light Within the Home

Natural light has a whole host of benefits, both mental and physical, so ensuring your home is receiving the maximum amount of light is extremely important. Our slim framed systems make the glass the main element whilst allowing in floods of natural light.

Over the past year, many people have spent more time than ever in their home. Now, with many companies making the move from a full week in the office to working from home more, houses are no longer just a home but also a workplace.

Natural light has also been proven to boost productivity, with homes now doubling up as workspaces it is becoming increasingly important to make natural light a significant factor when building, extending or renovating your home.

The easiest way to let the light into your home is through the use of slim framed glazing systems. Choosing the right patio doors and window systems can have a huge impact on the amount of light within the home.

biparting sliding glass patio door with glazing bars and gable end window used to allow in a vast amount of natural light to this home

Physical Benefits of Natural Light


Vitamin D

Many people know that sunlight is a great source of vitamin D, but not many people know what that actually means. This vitamin is essential to help keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy by aiding in the regulation of calcium and phosphate within the body. It can also boost weight loss and even help to strengthen the immune system.

Improved Vision

Nowadays, people’s eyes spend such a long time staring at screens whether it’s a phone, a computer or TV. In the long run this can have a negative impact on your eye health, but exposure to natural light can help to combat this. Sunlight has been shown to stimulate the production of dopamine which aids in healthy eye development for children and young adults.

Improved Sleep

Improved sleep has both physical and mental benefits and there is strong evidence to show people who are exposed to more natural light throughout the day sleep better at night. This is due to natural light allowing humans to be more in tune with their circadian rhythm, following the natural cycle of day and night by taking queues from exposure to light.


multilight arrangement if slim framed aluminium casement windows
Roof lantern and aluminium bifolding patio doors use to maximise natural light in this home

Mental Benefits of Natural Light


Improves productivity and focus

Multiple studies have been conducted to look at how natural light affects people in the workplace. Studies show that there is a positive correlation between increased sunlight in workplaces and increased employee productivity. Whether this applies to children doing homework, people working from home or just general day to day activities, all homes can benefit from this.

Reduces agitation and stress

Increased exposure to natural light has been proven to reduce agitation and stress and help people with mental health issues such as SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), anxiety and depression.

Other Benefits of Natural Light


Can help to reduce bills

Using more slim framed glazing around the home and increasing the influx of natural light can help to reduce a home’s carbon footprint and save money on bills.

Solar gain can be utilised by positioning the glazing where the most sunlight will enter across the day, such as on the south-facing side of the home. The suns rays will penetrate the glass, heating the home and reducing the need to use central heating.

Glazing can also reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day, again aiding in bill costs reduction and helping make homes more eco-friendly.

Increases the value of a home

Glazing can increase the value of your home. The large glass panes and the vast amount of natural light increases the perceived size of the rooms making people more inclined to pay more. Natural light can also help to complement and highlight a home’s interior design style.


floor to ceiling fixed window with a top hung casement window used to create a glass wall that lets natural light into this bedroom
three pane aluminium bifold patio door that allow natural light into this modern kitchen extension

How to Maximise Natural Light


The simplest way to let more light into a home is through the use of glazing. This includes utilising glass doors, large windows and roof glazing.

Incorporating internal glass doors into your home allows natural light to flow through and reach areas of the home which previously may have been dark and dull, such as the hallway.

Sieger’s aluminium glazing systems are designed to have ultra-slim frames so the size of the glass pane is maximized and as much light as possible can enter the home.

One factor that puts people off choosing bifold doors for their home is that when they are closed, the sightline where the panes meet can be thick and chunky, obstructing views and the flow of natural light.

Our Sieger Lux Bifold Door is the slimmest aluminium bifold on the market with a profile width of just 30mm and an ultra-slim sightline of just 74mm.

We also have an extremely minimal sliding door system, the Sieger Slim Sliding Door, which has a sightline of just 20mm and can reach sizes of 2.5m wide x 3m tall per pane.

Rooflights are another glazing solution that allows sunlight to flow freely into the home. Our Sieger 40 Lantern Rooflight has been designed the let the light in from all angles and can help the space below appear significantly larger.

We also have a wide range of slim framed aluminium windows available including steel look systems and tilt and turn windows.

Shading Options


Maximising natural light in the home has so many advantages but with large glazing elevations or multiple glazing systems, some people may be concerned about the sunlight and heat.

In terms of shading solutions, we offer a technical glazing solution called electrochromic glass, which is an electrically tintable glass used for solar control.

Blinds can also be used in conjunction with our glazing systems. Grants Blinds design both internal and external blind systems for windows, doors and roof glazing which can be concealed within the building finishes for the most minimal look.

When open these blinds are completely hidden from sight, only appearing at the push of a button.

Solar control glass can also be used for large elevations of glazing or for glass extensions where overheating may be a concern

For more information on how our glazing systems can maximise natural light within the home, get in touch with the Sieger team today.

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roof lantern and corner opening slim sliding doors maximising natural light in this contemporary dining room

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